Angry Birds Friends v11.7.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Angry Birds Friends v11.7.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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Descriptions :

Angry Birds Friends (Unlimited Boosters) : popular franchise telling about the confrontation of angry birds and no less insidious piglets. In general, Angry Birds Friends is a kind of addition to the original game, while the developers have retained the familiar atmosphere, mechanics and controls, but have not forgotten about the innovations. And so this part has received new locations and levels that are updated every week, but the main innovation is a full-fledged online mode where you can compete with friends or other players, participate in tournaments, complete various tasks and get unique bonuses and prices.

background and history

Angry Birds Friends is a part of the famous Angry Birds series in the world of mobile entertainment. It has a familiar gameplay, and the exciting cast of characters is too familiar. But this time it's easier to play and more fun. Also, players can challenge their Facebook friends to play with them.

Angry Birds Friends is about the wild fury of Angry Birds. Chef Pig and King Pig have teamed up to send a fat pig to steal the bird eggs in the forest. Not only that, but they also kidnapped some Angry Birds friends. Unfortunately, these bad guys have been found. But the fat pig was narrowly saved by his accomplices and disappeared in a hot air balloon. The red bird got angry and set about killing all the fat pigs to get their eggs back and save their friends (including Blues, Bomb, Mitilda...).

playing style

In terms of gameplay, Angry Birds Friends has added more items, so it's easier to play and easier to win. Also for coordinate-based shooting, you are provided with a certain number of birds by color. These birds take turns in fighting. Everyone focuses on the left side of the screen. On the right is the fat pig team. In this front line, the pigs are placed in a random order, accompanied by a solid defensive formation with wooden poles, squares, and triangles forming towering architecture. Your task is to shoot the birds with the slingshot in a clever position to destroy the formation and structure of the pigs and make them fall. If there are no fat pigs left in the structure above, you win.

The gameplay is as simple as the other parts of the series. All you have to do is touch and drag the screen to stretch the slingshot. Then move a little left and right, up and down to adjust the power of the shot, choose the angle and align the coordinates accordingly so that the birds can rush away. That's all.

If you pass the level with super speed and skill, you will get a giant golden egg. Each of these eggs brings you a lot of things. It leads to the Egg Lair faster. After each level, your total score is equal to a certain number of stars. The more stars the better because if you get enough stars you will open more more attractive levels.


As you have experienced in other Angry Birds games, the challenge of this game is to calculate the right angle to shoot the bird straight into the structure. Your shooting must not only destroy a point on this structure, but also follow the domino effect that will bring down the entire structure with the least number of bird shots possible.

And the architecture with the fat pigs through each level becomes more refined and complex. This architecture gets taller, wider, with more exotic items like sturdy wooden boxes, a delicious cream cake... The proliferation of architecture also makes the process of destruction fragmentary and unsatisfactory. Your intent to bring it down with one shot will then go up in smoke. This is the game's gradual difficulty scale that every player will be very excited about.

There's one more thing that never stops making the game interesting: Different birds in the lineup have their own special abilities, not just different colors. You will slowly discover the power of these birds. Look out for Red, Chuck, Bomb, Jay, Jake, Jim, Matilda, Hal, Bubbles, Terence, Stella.

Red is the basic bird you always have early in the game, with almost nothing special apart from a beautiful red color. Chuck can accelerate when you touch the screen, increasing the chance of destroying the enemy. Bombs can explode with so much force that they break even large blocks of stone in the structure of a fat pig. Jay, Jake, Jim, these three are identical and can split into three lines, increasing destruction many times over. The other friends are just as good, you will meet them later.


The Angry Birds Friends game is said to be based on the previous Seasons version, but offers many improvements in gameplay, especially in the interaction feature on Facebook. That means you can invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to see who gets the higher rank in the game. This online battle feature based on Facebook interaction is considered to be the key to the success and popularity of the Angry Birds Friends game itself.

Features :

* NEW competitive tournaments start every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!
* Play 24 NEW levels every week!
* Challenge opponents and win to advance to higher leagues!
* Claim the top position for great rewards!
* Special themed tournaments every other week!
* Challenge other Angry Birds players one on one!
* Free power* ups, level effects and special slingshots on each level.
* Collect feathers to upgrade your birds and get more points!
* Win Streaks! Win multiple matches in a row to increase your rewards.

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