Ancient Planet Tower Defense v1.2.113 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

Ancient Planet Tower Defense v1.2.113 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

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Developer :
IP Dmitri Isaenkov

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Descriptions :

Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline promises you exciting experiences about life in ancient civilization invaded and devastated by alien evils. In an urgent situation like this, you can take effective measures and build a powerful army to defeat these fearsome enemies. With your agile and clever command, you will surely defeat them and restore peace to this kingdom.


With the launch of Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline, players can build and design a massive tower anywhere they want. Thanks to this tower you will have the opportunity to defend your kingdom through some fierce battles between the two factions. Also, you should improve and update them regularly to become more modern and beautiful. It is indispensable for talented heroes who created and contributed to the construction of this tower and many other players in this war.

You will be surprised as you get lost in the ancient world and experience hundreds of battles to plunder and conquer lands between the aliens and the humans of this region. With more than 40 different levels, you can choose a level that suits your skills and level. Each group contains many levels with unique and deep content. There you will be discovered and forced to take on many special challenges. Every challenge is a difficulty for you; show yourself as a person with bravery and martial talent to destroy them all.


Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline will bring you many exciting battles. In a fight, you are not immune to enemy interference. In this game you will face hundreds of powerful and ferocious enemies. They carry outstanding qualities and can kill quite big. Despite this, you are not afraid of them and cannot fall in front of them. Face defeat with your belief in victory and create a powerful army that will support and strengthen you in every battle.

An ancient tale of memories and battles across the galaxy has left a deep imprint on the hearts of every player. Based on the memories of some veterans in some old wars narrated, the producer took this as a plot to write this game. Not only that, all of the characters' lines are voiced extremely skillfully and professionally, making the player feel like an exciting fighting movie.

With the classic style of many images and colors, users will enjoy a great and perfect interface. Furthermore, every detail of the characters is meticulously sketched and the colors matched very quickly. Each character has their character and face, making it easy for players to distinguish them. In addition, the beautiful background music has also created inspiration for gamers to enjoy a fun, relaxing space.


Features :

* Classic Tower Defense offline (TD) for those who like good old games;
* Build towers in any free area on the field;
* 40 unique levels;
* Many different enemies with their own characteristics;
* The game features upgrade towers as well as everything else. New improvements allow you to choose extraordinary strategies for each level. Even the base can be upgraded!
* Upgrades can be reset and redistributed at will, it's free and you'll get all your emeralds back;
* The plot is based on memories of veterans of intergalactic wars;
* Our artist visited the old planet himself to recreate his image in the game;
* Character voices sound identical to real ones;
* The game was developed on behalf of the High Council of the Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy;
* There should have been one more feature here, but it missed the censorship, so we replaced it with an ad: "Galactic Energy Drink "Improviser" with a rocket fuel extract will reduce fatigue and shorten your life by a few years. "Improviser" * for a lively and fast life!"

Ancient Planet Tower Defense MOD features:

Unlimited Money.
Unlimited gems.
Unlimited Diamonds.
Unlocked Characters.

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How to Download and Install Ancient Planet Tower Defense?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.