Age of Magic RPG & Strategy v2.18.1 MOD (DMG MULTIPLE) APK

Age of Magic RPG & Strategy - Role-playing games are the only genre that retains authentic gaming and thinks like the realistic strategist. It keeps you fun, enthusiastic and strategic every time while playing these games. Nowadays, gaming technology has advanced and reached amazing stage after which you can be amazed even in simple small size games. These days, you don't need big consoles or PCs for enthusiastic gaming either, as Android's Google Play Store has many more games and apps than PC.

Age of Magic MOD APK
If you are a real RPG lover you can choose one of the millions of Android creations like Age Of Magic, Shadow Fight Arena, Pokémon Masters and Star Wars. And if you want to enjoy much more excitement than PC gaming, you must try Age Of Magic. It is an exclusive RPG game developed by Playkot, one of the best game development company. The game is exceptional and contains much more content than any other RPG game.

The story revolves around a critical character named Roland, a true mage from Age of Magic, and his current task is to find the way to a place known as the Dark Tower. Darkness is slowly creeping in, and legions of demons continue to overwhelm whatever stands in their way.

When you start this game, you will be absolutely amazed by what is going on in his world. The world in the game is very nicely designed and easily attracts players in the first experience. From there, players will ultimately find races that coexist in this world and defeat many enemies with different types of strength. At the same time, the starting character you can control is Roland.

The gameplay that players experience in Age of Magic is totally accessible, as it doesn't require too much control ability. Specifically, the game's match is operated on a turn-based tactical mechanism, where you decide your attack and let your enemy attack. The player's goal is to complete all rounds and the enemy has been annihilated. At the same time, each character has some skills that they can use.

The character's abilities are on the right side of the screen and are usually standard attack and special abilities. Attack abilities are typically used continuously throughout each game, and special abilities often have to wait on cooldown to continue functioning. Therefore, it gives players variety to choose their tactics to defeat enemies and protect other characters in the squad, as you will go through many turns in one game.

An interesting point about using Roland's early-game abilities is that Roland has a skill set that spans both offense and defense. He can attack enemies with magical power and erect magic walls to endure attacks from enemies on surrounding teammates. Little by little you will also get other characters in different ways and especially after completing a certain level.

There are many ways you can get a character in Age of Magic. You will pass different games and meet many characters that can be recruited for your team. At the same time, you can use gold coins to buy new characters in the market and that will be a long time for you to collect gold coins. In addition, you can also open chests to collect character shards, and when enough fragments are needed, that character will be summoned shortly after.

How to play Age of Magic?
When you enter Age of Magic's story mode, you have two campaigns of light and dark to try out. Whichever type you choose, the story is tightly structured and cohesive to help you better understand the origin of the world in the game. Face a variety of enemies. They appear as creatures in legends or stories such as demons, goblins, and dragons. It divides them into six different races with different characteristics and mechanisms.

Defeating them will allow you to conquer and replenish your hero collection to become more diverse. The design of mechanisms of combat in the age of magic. The two players will compete and decide to attack or defend attacks depending on the current situation. Of course, you can click on the characters to see their current status as buffed, stunned and reduced damage to calculate the attack afterwards.



* STORY CAMPAIGNS Explore the vast world of Age of Magic, infused with the forces of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes and fight epic raids with fearsome enemies. Follow the story of Roland the true magician and his quest for the Dark Tower. Step into the darkness and meet changeling assassin Sharazar, who will stop at nothing to get what he came for.

* PVP & RPG Build the ultimate party of heroes and challenge other players in the PvP arena every day. We're choosing competitive MMO PvP over PvE, but that's not all! Prove yourself in the 24-hour tournament every week. Fight your way up to gain glory and epic rewards! The bravest fighter goes the spoils!

* LEGENDARY HEROES Collect over 60 epic heroes, level them up and equip them with powerful weapons and armor and upgrade their skills and rarity. Use different strategies and create your dream team of heroes to build the strongest party in the world!

* FAST BATTLES Lead your party in fast-paced yet tactical turn-based epic battles in large arenas where the graphics are stunning and every choice counts. Your PvP strategy will set the pace of the game, so act wisely!

* MANY OTHER MODES The Tomb of Secrets and Valley of Treasures will test your limits as you battle powerful enemies guarding unique rewards. Take part in MMO RPG events to face tricky characters with even trickier abilities and test your strength among all the challenges!

Age of Magic combines the best of RPG board gaming and MMO fantasy.
Join the community of RPG multiplayer fans and delve into the heroic story of Age of Magic: find out who inhabits their world, read their stories, learn about their classes and factions, and explore how You use items, abilities and much more!

Enjoy the simple MOD menu to manage the hacks
Age Of Magic MOD APK is a MOD menu based mod that brings you a simplified MOD menu to enable and disable hacks. You can either download the official version of this mod since both games contain the same game interface, but we recommend Age Of Magic MOD APK. The reason for this is simplicity! After downloading the mod, you can easily manage the MOD menu and experience realistic gaming!

Massive damage for all your rivals and MOD as the standout feature
Aside from the significant damage, you can also enjoy each hero's increased damage to deal more influential damage than the other rivals. It's a free feature embedded in Age Of Magic MOD APK to make your attacks powerful enough to play enthusiastically and crash all your enemies easily. So stop fighting and start magical thinking!

After all the information, you can now download Age Of Magic MOD APK from the link below. The simplified game with all the above features mixed with a simplified MOD menu and the official game interface. You can install it on any smartphone with the standard installation steps, whether it is rooted or not.

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