Age of Colonization Economic strategy v1.0.49 MOD (Mod Money/Unlocked) APK

Descriptions :

Age of Colonization - a global strategy that offers the player to become the rulers of any of the ancient states of Europe, including Kievan Rus'. The user will delve into the key issues of geopolitics, economics and the social sphere. To lead your state to prosperity, you must build a powerful army, negotiate with other rulers to conduct military operations, enter into diplomatic and other unions, provide food for your subjects, and perform other actions. It is decorated with nice graphics and friendly user interface.


The economic strategy genre is the least attractive on the market because it is inherently complex; even Age of Colonization has tried to simplify everything so that players can gain a lot of knowledge in a short time. However, the gameplay has endless depth and there is always something new for the players including fighting, building kingdoms and tracking kingdom status in real time. In addition, the game will bring new things to the players, such as the mechanics of controlling the army, shaping the interior of the kingdom, and interacting with allied countries. However, all the basics commonly found in a medieval strategy game will be included in this game, even if the content has been improved for players to fully enjoy.


Compared to other strategy games, players must have patience and a broad vision of the present and future to build a strong kingdom and eventually become an empire. Therefore, players have full access to any command or interaction, which helps players to control and arrange all processes neatly and perfectly. In addition, players must know the balance between production and defense, investing in them effectively and trying to keep their country peaceful. In the future, the game will randomize many special events or battles, and players can easily control everything with full access to controls and commands.


Once players have successfully built the main foundations for the kingdom, they can start building a powerful army to colonize all the kingdoms around them. Age of Colonization will present players with a completely random map, and everything is made in medieval style, bringing with it the most unique and impressive feelings. The colonization process takes place in real time and players can control the army from a special perspective and interact with many other factors to expand their territory. After successful colonization, all properties of the kingdom will belong to the player and he will participate in the production process to develop the empire.


Once a state system takes shape, the player can name their kingdom and choose which flag to use. The impressive thing is that the game will feature well-known flags of countries that appeared on Earth in the Middle Ages. But now players can build their country with different cultural identities and unique architectural designs. In addition, players can enjoy exploring the city from a different perspective or following the development of the colonized countries.


During empire building, players can build a world story and record all the events of the past. It's a great feature to be included in the future education system where players train talents to serve the empire. In addition, the historical recording system is designed to be simple and user-friendly, and players can input or change what they want according to the past era. As time progresses, new elements will appear in the story and this will allow players to take advantage of more intriguing elements from the gameplay.


When building an empire, an emperor's decision is everything, allowing players to develop their empire in a variety of ways. Additionally, any peace treaties or alliances are always a good opportunity for players to understand more about the economic strategy genre and see the complexity or danger it brings to players in the future. Everything has two sides, and so what

Features :

* Build an army and a fleet;
* Accept spy missions and distractions;
* Attack other countries to annex them or take their resources;
* Defend your territory from other countries;
* enter into peace agreements;
* produce food, raw materials and military equipment;
* Sell surplus products to other countries, buy products you need;
* list of historically correct events;
* regulation laws;
* Organize international meetings, promote your voting proposals;
* Choose an official religion of your country;
* Increase in the amount of goods produced thanks to research;
* Appointment of the Commander of the Fleet, the Land Army, the Commander-in-Chief, the Commander-in-Chief for Tributes, Buildings and Trade;
* colonization;
* Fight separatism in conquered territories.

Age of Colonization Economic strategy MOD features:

Unlimited money

Everything is Unlocked

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