Adventure Reborn story game v0.0.894 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Adventure Reborn story game v0.0.894 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Dali Games: adventure games

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Descriptions :

Adventure Reborn has always been a name that many players have been mentioning lately. In the game, players experience in the form of role-playing games combined with additional FPS elements for you to control the character with the ability to overcome challenges. Besides, the game also lets you take part in adventurous adventures to save the world.


As one of the unique adventure games, Adventure Reborn has reappeared with a whole new look and offers players a new adventure space to participate in. This game is quite interesting; It is set in the post-apocalyptic world where dangerous toxic gases are heavily polluting the atmosphere. The main task of the player is to explore locations in the post-apocalyptic world in order to solve long-unsolved questions.


The game has the gameplay to meet NPC hero characters to save your parents together. Adventure Reborn lets players transform into the character Hope, a fearless girl with a rather mysterious past. Before the sinister plans of Dr. The player must confront Frank and his cult in order to thwart their entire plan. Meet the NPC characters who survived the poison gas pollution. Talking to them will give players more information.


In the adventure in the post-apocalyptic world, players have to ask themselves hundreds of different questions. Therefore, getting close to NPC characters is too necessary to help you answer your questions. From there, players will gradually discover the mysterious plans that Dr. Frank hides.

Through the above features, it has been shown that this game is really an exciting NPC-style puzzle adventure game. Through the game, the players will have a lot of experience in discovering the mysteries that the game entails.

Features :

* The game is set in the context of a post-apocalyptic world history with a heavily polluted space with dangerous toxic fumes.
* The game brings extremely terrifying graphics that will surely make players quench their thirst for crazy action to fight the monsters to bring peace back to humanity.
* The game offers adventure - exciting action combined with the form of puzzles to ask questions in search of hidden goals.
* Answer the riddles correctly to explore more colorful locations and meet braver heroes in the post-apocalyptic world.
* Play the game and delve into the story of the character Hope who has a mysterious past and is on a journey to save his parents from the Crow cult.

Adventure Reborn MOD features:

All chapters unlocked

Last words about Adventure Reborn story game

The game has a touching story with lots of knots and good puzzles that are deep but not too difficult. In addition, the characters have flexible movements in deep graphics. Such a great game worth playing at home these days.

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