3D Driving Class v30.50 MOD (Unlocked & More) APK

Descriptions :

3D Driving Class (MOD, Unlocked) - an educational car game where you can test your driving skills. Realistic handling and vehicle behavior, so you can start driving, you need to buckle up, start the car and put it in first gear, then give it a little gas and start driving on the track. Obey the markings and all rules in the city and obey the speed limit posted by the signs. Try to learn different types of parking, diagonal, parallel, perpendicular and others. In 3D Driving Class mod apk you can fully enjoy the car and feel in the driver's seat!


When players come to 3D Driving Class, the first impression is its authenticity in every detail and design in the environment or gameplay. It also uses structures or processes of the South Korean driving school, so many of the driving rules are often adapted to different content or conditions. Its driving activities or challenges have the depth for players to discover the grandeur of the quintessential driving simulation genre.


A player's entire course or driving career includes many challenges or driving courses built into the system. Their level design or difficulty varies based on the player's current skills, making the gameplay and content more vivid and open for exploration by all. Over time, if they fulfill the basic conditions of each level, they can progress further and face countless more complex levels for drivers.


The controls in 3D Driving Class are carefully designed and realistically detailed to bring the player's experience to life. This also includes the user interface, where every function or button is designed in an authentic car. Best of all, the player can control the car from the first-person perspective instead of the third-person perspective to have a more lifelike and refreshing experience no matter what type of vehicle they are driving.


Besides the great things related to the gameplay, the cars in the game are also impressive from the looks to the performance that the players can drive around. Additionally, they all have separate control mechanisms, rather than being unified into one style, so everyone's experience will be constantly changing. Above all, all the details related to the appearance are cleanly designed, refined, modern and authentic down to the last detail.


The graphics in 3D Driving Class are also commendable as they represent everything as realistically as possible in a style of their own. This includes even the smallest environmental details such as architecture, NPCs and other things that affect the appearance of the vehicle. Most exciting, however, is that players can view the landscape around them from the vehicle's perspective or on foot, demonstrating absolute freedom with the element of exploration.


Driving challenges are sometimes difficult and complicated, but everything is fine or more fun when the player drives through online servers with others. Most of its activities are suitable for many people at the same time, even if they share a car and enjoy great times. The game will also feature more maps and areas that everyone can enjoy or have fun together.

3D Driving Class is one of the ultimate and most refreshing driving simulation games thanks to its gameplay and realism of driving different vehicles. Its content also has excellent depth and variety to diversify gameplay or people's experience through its subtle details and characteristics.

Features :

* High-end graphics for a realistic driving experience.
* Well-designed control mechanism and interface for smooth feeling.
* Dozens of powerful and expensive cars built with meticulous details and factors
* Multiple driving courses and levels for the real driver.
* Busy online servers to hang out with friends in group rider challenges.

Last words about 3D Driving Class

3D Driving Class is a casual game based on classic car driving where players experience real car driving first hand. The game comes with realistic graphics and operating system. You will learn to drive in the mode required by the driving school. It allows players to learn to drive better.

3D Driving Class is a racing simulation casual game where players can simulate different car truck driving. The game features a variety of different car models with new skins and styles. It also supports the third and first perspective driving experience. All kinds of road conditions are waiting for you to conquer the scene. Always complete tasks in challenging levels to get gold coins with which you can unlock more advanced vehicles.

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How to Download and Install 3D Driving Class?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.