Vegas Crime Simulator v6.3.7 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Vegas Crime Simulator v6.3.7 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

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Naxeex Ltd

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Fans of classic gangster simulation games, including Payback 2 and Gangstar Vegas, now have a chance to plunge into another riveting Vegas crime simulator adventure. Feel free to explore the huge city with lots of interactive elements while also playing as gangsters and doing everything gangsters do.

Enjoy classic action-adventure gameplay as you explore free in this massive Vegas crime simulator gameplay. Have fun exploring the areas and finding out how you want to interact with certain elements in the game. Always ready for lots of interesting content and amazing upgrades with this mobile title by Naxeex.

Here in Vegas Crime Simulator, Android players can now explore their fantastic gameplay of gangster action and adventure. At the same time, the mobile title offers many immersive and exciting explorations to do in the city, where you can freely discover the interesting elements in the game and decide how to play them.

Join the adventure of a gangster as he faces his ultimate quests to become the most powerful mafia mob in town. Enjoy the addictive and captivating stories with many progressions. Explore the in-game actions and simulations with engaging and fun missions. And always ready for some authentic gangster shootout experiences.

At the same time, the simulation title offers you a fully unlocked city to explore freely. Here, you can comfortably enjoy the amazing city simulation gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator. Have fun interacting with the different NPCs, exploring the streets, driving your awesome cars and thinking how you want to approach the game.

Keep the core spirit
Vegas Crime Simulator takes you to the glittering city of Vegas. This place is famous for many types of entertainment, especially a number of the largest casinos in the world. Therefore, when we talk about orgies, we no longer need to discuss them. You are a notorious gangster in this world. Vegas is your "home". In this place you are not afraid of anyone, and you are free to do whatever you want. It's okay to disrupt the pace of others.

Graphics and sound
Don't compare Vegas Crime Simulator to the GTA 5 PC version. When compared to 3D action games currently available on mobile devices, Vegas Crime Simulator is easy to spot on the top row. Sharp images, realistic simulation action scenes, the effect of collapsing in front of the crazy shooting of NPC characters also look convincing. Punch, kick, fly, dodge bullets or firearms without losing any real action footage. This game will definitely make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

Emphasis on pure entertainment
GTA 5 will make players remember the good storyline, problems between one character and another, and the moves or decisions of each person in the group. But no one can forget the extremely entertaining hours in the fierce street gunfights. Also, no one can ignore the beautiful speed racing scenes that roam everywhere. At this point, the Vegas Crime Simulator has done a particularly good job as a compact copy.

Upgrade weapons, items for the character
Having the bombardment screen messing with Vegas not only increases your "rogue" rate, but also gives you plenty of cash to buy heavy weapons to fight the heavyweights on the other side. You can also upgrade to improve your skills, develop stamina, strength, shooting accuracy, driving skills and buy a variety of other supporting equipment.


* Simple and accessible touch controls
First of all, Vegas Crime Simulator Android players can quickly enjoy the simple and accessible touch controls in this mobile title. Feel free to use the handy controls as you casually walk the streets, engage in fights or shootouts, and even drive in different vehicles. The diverse, optimized control options ensure that you can enjoy the fantastic mobile game to the fullest.

* Work your way up the gangster ladders
And for those of you who are interested, Vegas Crime Simulator now offers its realistic and addicting gangster gameplay that will take you through many addicting experiences. Here, players must complete certain quests and challenges required as they progress through the in-game stories and climb the gangster ladder. Continue to discover the mafia hierarchy as you slowly earn your respect and popularity in the city. Claim your spot by completing the most amazing criminal quests. Defeat your opponents and become the most notorious mafia mob in town.

* Freely customize and upgrade your characters
And to ensure you're better able to fend off your enemies, Vegas Crime Simulator now offers many upgrade and customization options to further fine-tune your gangster. Start by upgrading your skills with improved stats for Stamina, Strength, Accuracy, Driving, Handling Skills and many others. All are needed to increase your skills during battles and allow you to handle more powerful weapons and vehicles. As a result, you can easily switch between your weapons or use the powerful war machines to challenge the cops and other mobs.

* Awesome vehicles to ride along with
Speaking of which, you don't always need huge tanks or military planes to enjoy the game. Vegas Crime Simulator also features many interesting vehicles that you can find throughout the city. Here players can easily get their favorite rides by simply finding them and rob them from their owners gangster style. Have fun driving your sports cars at their extreme speeds or roam the streets in your stolen police cars, hop on boats to explore the water slides and have fun with the amazing rides in your planes, the list goes on.

* Exciting in-game missions
As you advance in the game, Vegas Crime Simulator offers several in-game missions that you must pick up and complete in order to gain your respect and popularity. Feel free to try the different challenges in the game as you progress and experience many levels with escalating difficulties. Discover the unique gameplay in each of them and have fun with your gangster simulation challenges to the fullest. Complete missions and quests to also unlock special in-game rewards.

* Discover many unique skills to enjoy the game more
For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy the action and adventure gameplay even more thanks to many unique skills that you can get from Vegas Crime Simulator. Feel free to explore the in-game shop where you can find many interesting skills to add to your heroes.

* Interesting skins to equip your characters
And to enhance your action gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator, the amazing Vegas Crime Simulator mobile gameplay now offers many interesting skins to equip your characters. Not only will they change your appearance, but they will also give your characters a lot of awesome abilities.

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