Trucker and Builder Simulator v1.0 MOD (Unlock vehicles/No ads) APK

Descriptions :

Universal Truck Simulator offers amazing driving simulator gameplay to welcome everyone to this wonderful truck driving career. Thanks to its well-optimized graphics and performance, it authentically builds the world for you to have the smoothest and most immersive driving experiences. Truck driving simulator is a welcome trend for players to immerse themselves in endless roads with their beloved trucks while towing different types of trailers in vast countries. Also, the game is ready to offer the most realistic experience thanks to its well constructed gameplay, features and systems that only truck drivers are familiar with. It also features a huge open world with different parts, different contract systems, and different tiers of rewards for you to accept and complete in the allotted time.


If while participating in the game you face any of the difficult situations on the bumpy roads or places full of snow and high mountains, you should use simple tips and know how to use them to keep the gears low and continue your transport mission. In addition, you should set up new factories and then pull furniture and goods through quickly and easily with large trucks. Overcome them despite the harsh, brutal weather to arrive.

If you carry with you, there is a big responsibility to get the goods on time for delivery. They used trucks to transport a bunch of goods. Use the big rickshaw to transport many items quickly. Become a good and enthusiastic driver, everyone will love you. If you have a passion for becoming a truck driver, we will wholeheartedly support and support you. Because in this game there are more than 50 different roads with six terrain types with different characteristics. They come in a variety of attractive and rich colors that can get you hooked at first sight. Truckers Real Wheels


This game was developed because it consists of fantastic 2D. All vehicles are available in different styles and colors. Here you can change the colors of the wheels and car paths. In addition, there are many different factories in this game, including more than 30 factories along with more than 30 different types of goods; You are responsible for restoring and repairing factories. You may not know that there is a race against time; You have the opportunity to participate and expand your reputation. Grab your car and take part in the competition together.


Every day of transporting such goods there is one challenge after another. The difficulty is inevitable with the irregularity of the weather, when it is sunny and rainy, the alternation of day and night. But you still need to get your work done on time and quickly. Regardless, you must be persistent and determined to achieve your goal.


This is a game that will bring you lots of fun and excitement. It will train you to build good qualities, explore and drive and control how to overcome obstacles easily and safely. In addition, participating in the game will keep you entertained and relaxed; often when the car has overturned you will scream; In general, your emotions are constantly changing when you play this game, so you don't have to worry about being depressed or anything else. Also, this game can be played anytime, anywhere, regardless of location; You also have the opportunity to get off, for example to use the free hours. After completing the task, you will receive a special reward and money; This is a small incentive for players to keep getting rich and testing their steering wheel to see if it's stable. This game is loved and trusted by many children, so let your child use it to learn how to transport goods, practice perseverance and sustainability, not be discouraged when they lose, and most importantly, it will help them every day to be much more agile and active. In addition to children, we adults who need and want to have more knowledge and experience to explore and experience can also install it on your device and play conveniently.

Features :

Build a city and get income from it. Pump up your Megapolis by improving the urban quality of life. You will love this builder simulator!
Truck trucker, take the order, build a truck, get on your wheels and hit the road. These cargo games were made for you!
Reach the destination point without losing any of your cargo! There will be many limited roads on your way, starting with hill climbs and ending with trees on the road that you have to drive around if you don't want to lose anything! Now you are a real trucker!
Operate trucks of all kinds and pump them up! The game features a variety of realistic vehicles: big Russian trucks, semi-trucks, trucks, huge American trucks and many more! Build a truck and become the best in this city simulator game!
You can choose from more than 15 vehicles!

Trucker and Builder Simulator MOD features:

unlimited money
Free purchases with real money
speed game

Download Trucker and Builder Simulator v1.0 MOD (Unlock vehicles/No ads) APK Free


How to Download and Install Trucker and Builder Simulator?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.