Truck Simulator Ultimate v1.2.7 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Truck Simulator Ultimate v1.2.7 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Zuuks Games

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Descriptions :

Truck Simulator (Unlimited Money) - simulator for driving heavy equipment, in total you have about 15 cars, trucks, tractors and gas tankers. In this game the process is divided into a number of different missions, in places like airport, construction site, shipyard and others, within these levels missions are put in front of you. Well-designed graphics and realistic physics add to the realism of the game.


On all different gaming platforms, simulation games are gaining more and more users' trust. Simply because the 3D experience in these games is often quite well done, some even include sandbox modes. And when you play them, you can do things that you've never had the opportunity to do in real life. For example driving a heavy truck.

Truck Simulator: Ultimate is more special than any driving simulation game I've ever played. This is the first time that there is a harmonious combination of simulation and tycoon genres in the same game. You slip into the role of an experienced truck driver. You open a company, hire employees and grow the business. And slowly you lead your company to the world's largest logistics company, the King of Trucks, with hundreds of trucks driving across the country every day.

Not only will you drive a normal truck, but much more

It doesn't start with the usual truck selection screen. You choose the country to open the company. These countries include United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan... Now can you guess what will happen later from this country selection? Spring. let me tell you Choosing the country in which to incorporate a company will dictate all the routes you will go through until the company opens more offices in other countries.

Initially, the company will only have one driver and one truck. Overcome many challenging routes and transport a variety of goods in more than 100 different cities. Every time you complete a task, you get a reward. The more cumbersome and complicated the package and the longer the distance and the faster the request time, the higher the fee.

Once you accumulate enough money and have more potential customers, you will start buying more cars, hiring more drivers, sales people and eventually a talent manager for the company. Build your truck fleet with a variety of special vehicles to meet all customer needs. Hire drivers and employees with decent salaries. Decide which car to buy first and which car to buy later. And decide how the office and warehouse should be renovated. The decisions are entirely yours. So when you're playing Truck Simulator: Ultimate, you'll have around 60% of your time behind the wheel, with the remaining 40% dedicated to making those business decisions. This is a challenge for those of you who enjoy driving. At the same time, it is also an interesting feature of this game.

Talking numbers

People often say: "Quantity does not equal quality". But in the gaming world, things are a little different. Sometimes the numbers are a testament to the manufacturer's luxury and enthusiastic investment. At least that's how it is in Truck Simulator: Ultimate. This game has more than 32 types of American and European trucks, all of which are today's most modern models. In addition to the new trucks, you can also admire the equally spectacular used truck market. Every vehicle you see, select or use is detailed and customizable: lights, bumpers, horns, cockpit lights… Along the way you will pass many big cities and there are many beautiful natural landscapes on both sides of the road. It will be a great happiness for every lover of driving art

High simulation

The 3D picture in Truck Simulator: Ultimate is not special or perfect while the sound is also mediocre but the simulation is so good. As soon as you enter the cockpit you will see many buttons and detailed control levers just like on a real truck.

You can freely choose any viewing angle to get the most comprehensive view. You can see from above when you connect the trailer to the packages. The rear-front view when driving on the highway offers you an irresistibly beautiful landscape. And you see through the first-person perspective when you look directly at the dashboard and touch buttons with your own hands. It's also one of the factors that make the simulation great for this game.

Features :

* The season for multiplayer games. You have the option to either transport shared cargo or participate in races. You will be treated to a whole new multiplayer experience.
* Transport a variety of cargo to more than 100 locations worldwide
* Participate in freight stock auctions to increase your earnings and exposure.
* Take charge of your own business
* Create your own fleet of trucks.
* Hire employees and run your business to maximize profits over the long term.
* Build your workspaces the way you want them.
* Improve the appearance of your vehicles by adding headlights, bumpers, horns, cockpit lights and other customization options.
* Over 32 stunning cars
* Try to drive American and European trucks.
* The used car market
* Cockpits with many details
* resting places. Food and drinks can now be ordered at the rest areas.
* DLC mode system (DLC stands for Dynamic Load Control).
* More than 25 different languages ​​are supported. There are more than 250 radio stations in the country.
* Toll roads on major highways
* weather that is realistic. Roads in the village, in the city and on the highway

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