Toca Life School v1.7.1-play MOD (full version) APK

Descriptions :

Perhaps the Toca Life series is too familiar to today's young people. Toca Boca has launched Toca Life - School, a famous educational game with safe and age-appropriate content to bring more entertainment to children. This is a simulation game about Toca's school life and brings fun gameplay for kids to experience. The game is fun and gives children the freedom to be creative in all activities of the game.


Education is undoubtedly the most desired topic for parents to entertain their children after the summer holidays. Hence, Toca Life – school was born with different themes and diverse content for children to explore together. It can be said that the game also has some similarities compared to other games, but it has many special features that other games in the simulation game about Toca's school life and people around him don't have. Children long to go to school with their bags and books on their shoulders to prepare for a new life at school. In the game, children can think freely and create a lot of exciting and new content.


In Toca Life - school children can explore very special places and think up exciting stories. Almost this version has five locations built to tell about the new life at school. The children can attend regular classes and go to the playground after the break. However, Toca's main purpose is unlimited learning and fun. Also, interact with your friends for the best school memories and create an amazing adventure.


Aside from attending classes, making friends is still an essential factor in being present in the game. Meet and get to know all 34 new characters proposed in the game. Making new friends will even help you have more fun at school and engage in more rewarding activities together. Put on your backpack to go to school to meet and chat with friends. Also, keep writing unique stories at school or with friends to show your parents.


Extracurricular sessions at Toca Life School are essential and helpful for children to express their talents. Here the children take part in classes to play musical instruments such as guitar and piano. The fun after school is children's desire to immerse themselves in fun activities. In addition, the children can compare their talents with their friends to show who is the best player. Finally, learn how to play the classic keytar and start a band at your favorite club.


Because of the wonderful ideas of children in the world, this game was born and gave children a big world to experience the joys of everyday life. This includes sporting activities such as basketball and soccer games. Besides the competition between the teams, there is still an influential audience cheering and cheering on the players in the back. Take to the field to play hard with your teams. If you win, the reward is yours.


The stories you create with your friends in the game are saved every moment and allow you to share them with friends on social networks. Therefore, create more engaging stories to share with more people.


Really, the graphics of the game are gorgeous and the characters are adorable. The little characters with beautiful costumes made the kids love the game more. In addition, the game's soundtrack is also rich in exciting melodies.


Are players interested in the content that will update the game? Toca Life - School, has improved the meal arrangement system and upgraded other objects for children to entertain. The costumes are cluttered, so the game added more space to store more carnival costumes and old items. The special thing is that the characters have been arranged in a horizontal row in the correct position and no one is left out.

In short, this game is very suitable for children to experience unique stories. Activities in the game help children become active and improve many other special skills and get closer to friends in life.

Features :

* Five locations to explore: house, cafeteria, school building, youth club and playground
* 34 characters to play with and different outfits to wear
* Explore the school building with different themed lockers, a school office and a classroom containing a lab for experiments!
* Trigger fire alarm sprinklers and use fire extinguishers
* Learn to play the epic keytar and form a band in the youth club!
* Do sports or cheer on a game in the playground!
* Chew gum and throw stink bombs!
* Start a food fight in the cafeteria and clean it up afterwards
* No time limits or high scores * play as long as you want!
* No third* party advertising
* No in* app purchases

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Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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