Toca Life Hospital v1.4.2-play MOD (Unlocked) APK

Toca Life Hospital v1.4.2-play MOD (Unlocked) APK


Developer :
Toca Boca

4.2/5 - (4 votes)

Descriptions :

Toca Hospital - another children's game from Toca Boca, this time the story takes place in the corridors of the hospital. The player has full freedom of action. In it, the main character is a whole medical facility with many available characters. You can visit several floors and use various items and tools that are on the territory of the clinic.

A big advantage is the interactive environment. The app is mainly aimed at developing creative skills in children. This contributes to the creation of certain situations by the user. Here you can play many roles, including the role of doctor. You can perform all the operations performed by a real doctor, from birth to surgery. In addition, there are many interesting things I can do with myself.

Toca Hospital - a great interactive sandbox that will help you get creative from many users. It will interest not only children, but also adults.


You've probably never seen a baby born. You must have wondered how you were born? When you come to this game you will understand better. Having a baby together can be a little scary or a lot of fun. Let's share these joys as we welcome new babies to Toca Life. Family members and medical staff can love and care for these swaddled babies.


Sometimes saying goodbye to a loved one is not easy. There are often sad moments in hospitals too. These sad moments will be the game to say goodbye to loved ones in a peaceful environment. It's sad when a loved one dies, and doctors sometimes feel stuck because they can't heal the patient. Here people can empathize when saying goodbye to loved ones and give each other a supportive hug.


It's not a big surprise when someone mentions strange things happening in the hospital. Toca Life: Hospital allows you to tell the incredible stories of miracles that happened and heard in the hospital. Here you can also confide in each other about your health problems and chat with each other. The hospital is a place for medical examinations and of course indispensable for health checks and x-rays. Players can also explore everyday things in the hospital.


Hospitals are noisy but serious places. With each floor you will experience unique surprises and experiences. Ambulances are often seen driving in and out of the basement. The ambulance sirens in the garage are probably the most common, or crack the code of a mysterious machine to open the secret lab door. Let's explore these mysteries together.

On the reception floor, this is the area where people can keep records of the hospital admission and a place where the patient's relatives pay for the hospital bills. Find a seat in the waiting area during hospital treatment. Alternatively, you can enjoy a snack or a cup of coffee in the café.


During treatment, the floor is where the patient is. It has diagnostic tools for everyone. There is also a laboratory for patient examinations and of course an important area - the operating room. There is a separate area for each type of patient on the nursing floor. There is a dedicated area for children and a maternity area with ultrasound machines, cots and babies.

For patients in shared care, the floor can visit a peaceful garden to contemplate life. When a loved one dies, say goodbye to them in the farewell room. Toca Life: The hospital is full of separate areas; it will have different meanings for each area.


In addition to features for all players to discover, players can experience different jobs in the hospital. Let's move patients from floor to floor in the big elevator. If you see a woman whose waters have ruptured along the way, use an ultrasound machine on the patient. Use advanced tools to diagnose conditions. Regularly check the surgical patient's vital signs on the medical monitor. Get 100% brain and use all tools

Features :

* Explore five floors: basement, main entrance, laboratory and treatment, family care and general care.
* Move characters from floor to floor in the grand elevator.
* The baby is on the way? Use the ultrasound device on the expectant patient!
* Aww newborns: welcome babies to the world!
* Use the CAT scan machine (ours has cat ears!) and the X* ray machine to diagnose patients!
* Check patient vital signs on medical monitor.
* Use all the tools you would find in a real hospital: stretchers, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs and more!
* Crack the code on the mysterious machine to explore the secret laboratory!
* Find peace and say goodbye to loved ones in the farewell room.
* Set the tone for your story with just the right music, from a dramatic hospital theme to a relaxing, gentle melody.

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How to Download and Install Toca Life Hospital?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.