The Muscle Hustle v2.5.6389 MOD (Enemy doesn’t attack/1 Hit Kill) APK

Descriptions :

The Muscle Hustle is a game that allows players to enjoy epic and immersive wrestling matches in a unique way. Players build their tag team and engage in fierce and fierce battles. The gameplay of the game is designed with a simple vertical screen style, allowing players to fully enjoy the game with just one finger. The gameplay is pool-like, so the control mechanism is simple and requires players with excellent tactical skills to win. Arena allows players to use multiple characters at once, giving players more choices in team tactics.


The Muscle Hustle takes you through levels full of challenges and traps to overcome to become the best wrestler. All you have to do to join this game and show your skills to be able to fight against other players is all you have to do to level up everything. Your task is to use simple operations to control your character and complete the requirements that the game offers.

Also, players need to build their strongest squad to get more battle resources. The game offers you a set of superheroes with full features and powers to take part in all fierce arenas. Another special feature is if you are a big fan of famous names like Beyblade, Wrestle Mania, WWE then this is surely a game that will fulfill all the requirements that you desire.


The game is built with attractive action-style gameplay accompanied by simple but not boring gameplay, allowing you to learn everything and start exciting battles. You will face a series of dangerous challenges, so assemble your squad and rearrange everything to avoid trouble and always be ready to fight the obstacles on the side.

The controls are quite simple, so all you have to do is combine smart moves and create the strongest attacks to deal with the enemy. Players must train their squad by managing everything about them to stay on top of the game and train their heroes to become battle legends. In addition, the game also requires you to practice your skills to develop smart tactics in the arena.


The Muscle Hustle offers you a variety of different game modes ranging from easy to difficult for you to challenge yourself and perfect your basic skills as you are exposed to the full battle atmosphere. Also, during the journey you will have to overcome challenges and traps with your character, so you will have to combine many different tactics to complete the mission on each level. In addition, players will also learn more about new features as they level up and complete their quests. Another exciting thing is that you are allowed to use your skills to generate the most powerful energy and overwhelm the opponent.


You must win quickly against dangerous enemies to take the initiative in all areas and overcome challenges that are not easy. Also, you can confront other players directly in this mortal arena to find the strongest and manipulate all rankings. In addition, you will be cultured and gain more experience rubbing with dramatic and mesmerizing moments in wrestling to show your full skill. In addition, the game brings you many new events to increase the excitement of the experience and challenge every opponent in every match.

Features :

* Enter a unique play area as you complete the game's missions and players must prove their skills as they compete in the tough wrestling arena.
* Develop your team of wrestlers while combining superheroes to create the complete lineup and fight in the first levels; You must control your character to move and combat maneuvers.
* The game uses exciting and unique gameplay in addition to exciting features to bring you the perfect experience; Besides, you also need to use tactics to complete challenges.
* The game will present you with quite a challenge through a series of constantly updated game modes, so you will have to use the riskiest attacks to win.
* Experience tons of new features as you compete in the next levels, and top the leaderboards as you take the initiative to take on challenges and achieve new goals.

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How to Download and Install The Muscle Hustle?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.