The Baby In Yellow v1.6.4 MOD (Unlocked + No ads) APK

The Baby In Yellow v1.6.4 MOD (Unlocked + No ads) APK

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Developer :
Team Terrible

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Published by Team Terrible, this game is one of the most terrifying games we've ever seen. Babies are generally cute and harmless, but when you see them in horror movies, they're terrifying! In this game you have to take care of a very unruly baby! In addition, you will find that the child is hiding something and it can quickly become awkward. Here you have to survive the nights while completing different tasks.

When we think of babies, we think of cute things and the way they move. These are innocent people who are just born and need constant love, care and attention. That is why many parents try to do everything possible to raise their children themselves. But if not, they hire a nanny to help them raise the kids. Sometimes parents are busy and hire babysitters to take care of their baby temporarily.


First, the game immediately introduces you as a nanny who is hired to look after a baby for a few months. The simple task is just to feed, sleep, play, change diapers and make sure the baby is safe. The house you work in is unusually dark. Nobody is at home. It looks luxurious but always has a sense of intimidation. Especially the walk up the stairs and the long line of rooms. All are bathed in dark yellow light, a specialty of classic horror films.

Graphics and sound
To illustrate their crazy idea, the producer chose minimalistic 3D graphics, only on the baby and the jumpscare effects that the baby causes. The house is very beautiful, very detailed, but everything seems to be lost in shadows and yellow lights and only important objects are clearly visible. The way of designing and arranging the colors like this increases the spooky atmosphere in the house.

The gameplay isn't difficult, but the tricky part is how much heart pressure can you take?
The house also features strange signs, walls are peeling and display red tones like fire with angry content signaling a bad omen. And it culminates late on the second night, in a sudden burst, the baby comes out of your hand, flies in the air with a devil face. "Good night," the clue warns of an unhealthy ending and opens up many more haunting nights for you.


* Take Care of a Baby - Taking care of a baby is now a common task worldwide. Each of us was in infancy and someone was taking care of us, whether it was our parents or not. But everyone knows that taking care of a baby isn't easy, especially when it's unruly. They need intense care and attention, as well as incredible love. But if you're ready to take on the challenge of being a babysitter, now you can play The Baby in Yellow.

* Survive many nights - In The Baby in Yellow you have to take care of a baby for several nights! Every night you will face a lot of problems and it will only increase if you survive every night. In this game you have to survive the nights if you want to finish the game. But you will face many troubles and terrible sights in each level. You have to steel your resolve to overcome the levels.

* Complete tasks - In this game you have to complete a variety of tasks every night. Here you do tasks like feeding the baby milk from the fridge. Then you also have to change the baby's diaper, put the baby to bed and so on. They'll also do a variety of chores for themselves, like watching TV, eating, and more. Although the tasks here are simple, everything will be complicated and scary for the baby! Still, try to do your best to complete the tasks!

* Full Control - Here you can sit and walk around and interact with objects. You can pick the baby up, drop it, feed it and do all sorts of things here. You can do anything a babysitter can do in real life!

* Realistic Graphics - Baby in Yellow does a great job of designing a great house with realistic designs. But what makes this game so special are the graphics and the different designs here. The baby itself looks scary and it looks even scarier when it's crying!

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