Talking Tom Hero Dash v3.9.0.4126 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Talking Tom Hero Dash v3.9.0.4126 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Outfit7 Limited

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Descriptions :

Talking Tom Hero Dash - a colorful runner appreciated by fans of the genre. In the role of the runner, Tom the cat becomes his friend. Each of the characters has unique skills that can help in the race for the long haul. While running, the player has to collect coins, avoid obstacles and fight with the evil raccoons. The main goal is to free the cat Angela, who was kidnapped by the leader of the raccoons. The gameplay and controls here are standard for such projects, so everyone will quickly understand these aspects.


Compared to the previous games, this series has made new advances in gameplay structure. If you've ever participated in endless running games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Talking Tom Gold Run, you'll quickly dive into Talking Tom Hero Dash. In fun, players join the Talking Tom superheroes to save the world. A group of raccoons plot to destroy the world, so Tom and his friends don a cloak and wield superhero powers to end the chaos and save the world. Players will discover worlds that are as weird and wonderful as you've ever seen. In addition, you will traverse desert dunes, surf tropical beaches and mesmerizing locations.


During the mission, the player will face obstacles and be pressed for time. However, Talking Tom Hero Dashothere offers many different help elements while you complete the task. In turn, items such as a magnet will attract all nearby coins for a limited time or a shield to protect the character. Besides, players can also collect other things like X10 Gold Coins and more. They play an important role when moving through many places. The player's task is quite simple and we have to choose the cats and control them to participate in the mission to save the world from the destruction of the evil cats.


Not only are you a regular player in the endless game, but you also have the ability to become a superhero specializing in saving the world. Talking Tom Hero Dash allows players to launch and control their cats with taps and swipes to overcome obstacles along the way. Players travel through many beautiful locations, from the busy streets of York to the arid deserts of Egypt. To become a superhero, players need to defeat many types of villains and avoid other disasters to discover more exciting things.


Your friends all have amazingly unique superpowers that you can use while running on endless roads. Besides collecting gold coins and avoiding obstacles, players are also tasked with defeating the raccoon army to collect lots of valuable rewards. Don't forget to fight the raccoon boss to rescue and unlock Talking Angela and Talking Hank. Talking Tom Hero Dash gives players the task to save the world and rebuild the heavily polluted world.


After defeating boss battles, players will be opened up to many new valuable items that will help you increase many different strengths. In addition, players can attend special events around the world and socialize in great places. Don't forget to bring yourself lots of gifts to advance in the game.

Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD features:

unlimited money

Money increases as you spend it.

Why should you use Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK?

The MOD version of APKMOD gives you lots of coins to use to rebuild Tom's town. You can shop and unlock anything you want fast and totally free. Also, you can focus on setting a record and no longer get distracted by the coins while running.

Last words

Overall, Talking Tom Hero Dash is a game with simple gameplay, familiar but addictive, suitable for all ages. The publishing house attaches great importance to providing in-game information on the subject of environmental protection. So if you are a big Tom fan, there is no reason not to install this game now.

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