T.D.Z. 3 Stalker(Story Game) v1.12 b63 MOD (No ads) APK

Descriptions :

T.D.Z. 3 Premium - Action-Adventure with horror and RPG elements, the action of which unfolds in the anomalous Zone of Alienation. In the story, the main character goes to this mysterious and dangerous place to find expensive artifacts for sale. He wants to use the money to treat his seriously ill son. As he travels around, the character will meet other people who want to find unique pieces of stalkers, as well as many monsters to fight with a wide arsenal of firearms.


The wasteland and barren land on the ground in TDZ 3: Stalker brings an endless fear and loneliness for the players to explore and adventure. Although the ground is not full of valuable resources, there are still remnants of humanity where they interact with each NPC and trade for more supplies for a long journey. Also, dangers and new types of monsters will appear that will make the wasteland spooky and uninhabitable.


Players can enjoy the essence and content of this game from the first-person perspective, and it is also the preferred option to stimulate their experience. Luckily, the game has a flexible and customizable console that includes all the features the player needs to interact with the environment, move around, and more. Although the first-person perspective has many limitations, it will significantly increase the player's anxiety throughout the game.


The mission system in TDZ 3: Stalker motivates players to continue the journey and find the final key in the main story. Meanwhile, each location players progress through will have a diverse and rich quest system and many potential rewards to develop or increase the supply. Some special quests will also appear randomly in the Wasteland, making the content and mystery of the game more attractive than ever.


Equipment is an important factor that players need to survive on barren land, even if they need food to survive. Thanks to the variety of weapons, players can swap them or refill ammunition to prepare for expeditions into the dangerous ruins. As the player progresses, new equipment types will gradually appear, increasing the level of difficulty or giving the player more survival ideas.


The survival factor in TDZ 3: Stalker is also realistic and deep, requiring players to always balance all the stats in the body in order to get the best performance. It also forces them to effectively manage their inventory such as food, drink, and other healing items to stay alive no matter what the circumstances. In addition, many trading places are also suitable places for players to stock up on all their necessities or build a stable trade line for themselves.


Artifacts are heterogeneous and result from variations in the environment, so their performance and function are different. They always appear randomly around the world and can even sell for extremely high prices, making them important items of great value to players. You can also directly equip some artifacts to acquire various new skills for combat or survival.

TDZ 3: Stalker uses a post-apocalyptic concept and wants players to experience the wildness and hopelessness of humanity on a new level. However, it uses many advanced technologies that promise players the most immersive and terrifying survival game for this unique genre.

Features :

* Plot
The story of this game will captivate you from the first seconds!
The game's plot tells us about a young stalker named Peter. When he lost his own son, he had no other choice... The last chance for him was a "ticket" to a murky zone where there is everything to earn big sums of money. At his own risk, our hero embarks on a dangerous heist to save a loved one.
If you like games with a story then choose T.D.Z. 3!
* Beautiful graphics
Beautiful three-dimensional graphics, pleasant visual effects, highlights and shadows will delight even the most demanding gamer.
* Dynamic cutscenes
In-game cut scenes not only add meaning to the storyline, but also provide an opportunity to participate in them. Be alert, you cannot do without your reaction!
* A mix of genres in one bottle!
The game features horror moments full of horror, logical quest tasks, gunfights and a sea of ​​action!
In some places you survive with terrifying zombies, one on one creatures!
* Simple controls
The controls are simple and intuitive. You won't have any trouble and don't have to mess with hundreds of unnecessary buttons!
* Fully voiced characters
The characters in the game are alive, you won't get bored with them. All phrases are fully spoken in Russian!

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