Sweet Escapes Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games v8.2.598 MOD (Unlimited lives) APK

Descriptions :

On the market today there have appeared some very special gameplay, that is the puzzle game of the Escapes form. In these games, players will accompany the main characters in each story and begin to rebuild everything and bring it back to its former glory. To be able to do these, players need to constantly undergo challenging puzzle challenges and they will become increasingly difficult as the player progresses further. And today I will introduce you to such an Escapes game.

Bake the tastiest pastries in the best new puzzle game!

It is Sweet Escapes released by Redemption Games. The content of this game is about a kingdom of sweets that used to be famous all over the world because of its amazing food and drink. Because the previous boss management had made it ruined, guests did not come here as much as before, the facilities were increasingly inferior, leading to this place becoming an abandoned place. So in this game, the player will have a unique task, which is to rebuild everything and bring it back to its inherent glory.

Build a bakeshop with match-3 game

Although the game has the same name as other Escape games, the gameplay is completely different. Instead of a match-3 puzzle, this game has a simpler design for the player. At the beginning of the game, the player only needs to tap on the same colored blocks of large numbers 2 which are next to each other, they will automatically connect to the other blocks and turn into points. Each stage will have a goal set for the player, and they usually require the player to collect the required color blocks. At the same time, the player will be limited to moves, each move will cost 1 move; if the player uses all moves without completing the required, the game will end and be considered a failure.

Matching & Building Games

Within each stage, the player can collect a number of auxiliary blocks to help collect more points, and the auxiliary blocks will be displayed according to the number of blocks of the same color, and on them will have the engraving of the auxiliary block. Each modifier has a specific effect, but some follow the same color blocks to operate. If the player understands how the puzzle works, then just need to successfully arrange two different auxiliary blocks, then activating them will combine and create a new effect. Most of these combination blocks are capable of breaking all surrounding blocks and turning them into points.

Talking Animal Games

The reward for each stage is the star, with stars you can use them to complete the tasks listed inside "To Do". Keep collecting stars to rebuild everything and bring it back to its inherent glory. And your first step will be to start rebuilding and remodeling the cookie shop, at which point everything is shabby and players need to use stars to be able to rebuild. While building the player can change the design of each interior according to their discretion, each furniture item will have 3 different designs and colors, constantly coordinating them to create a lovely bakery. Continuing like that, in the future players can start building a different bakery chain in their pastry park. To help the game more diverse goals, each game level will have a number of different tasks and players need to have different ways of handling them to be able to complete them. And the reward for these goals will be the gold bonus and points.

Run your sweet empire

If players complete the game with more Moves balance, the current score will be multiplied by the Moves balance at the end of the game when completed. And if in case the player runs out of moves and still fails, they can use gold to continue and complete it. Gold is used to replace the interior, although when building the interior, the first model the player chooses will be free, later to change them, it will need gold. There are countless different types of furniture, even players can redecorate the beauty of bakeries when they have enough money. Sweet Escapes (MOD, Unlimited Money) *** The game will also have some special rewards for players when they complete some achievements. Or when players invite other people to join the game through Facebook, they will also have rewards like special furniture for example. In the future players can start a stage with boosters, they will create some auxiliary blocks or make the game easier. At the same time, the player can also use some special items to help in situations stuck. To buy booster or items, players can use gold. With gameplay and such great features, come to Sweet Escapes to start rebuilding a sweets kingdom the way you want, bring it back to its glory time and bring everyone the Fantastic cake.

Features :

* Puzzle games with a dessert theme, with unique boosters and exploding combinations
* Match 3: Swap and combine parts to build each cafe
* Strengthen your game with the skills of your animal friends
* Build a city full of cafes and shops dedicated to the world's most delicious desserts.
* Decorate each bakery and choose which desserts you want to prepare and offer.
* Build a sweet empire with new dessert shops, redesign existing ones and tend the land lovingly while planting and harvesting fruits and herbs for your baking recipes.
* City games allow you to build a variety of candy shops, such as:
* Ice Bar
* Cafe
* Bakery
* And more!

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How to Download and Install Sweet Escapes Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
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Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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