Survival & Craft Multiplayer v335 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Survival & Craft Multiplayer v335 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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Developer :
Megaplay Studios

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Descriptions :

Survival and craft bring you to the huge ocean with the task of maintaining life as long as possible. The place where you will set the next foot is a place where you are completely strange where there is no human civilization and surrounded by all four sides of man -eating sharks. Can you survive with just one raft until the last moment? In front of the shark they stand for hunger and thirst.

The beef wears a new shirt

Parallel to the player is now a lovely raft; It is now the only means of transport for the player. The latest update, survival and the craft: in the ocean is shaped to promote this unique ocean location. Not only that, but also the character in which they are transformed, is also adapted from new hairstyles, mustaches and beards in accordance with the player's preferences. You can choose long, curly or even bald hair, no matter what happens.


The story behind survival and craft: the craft in the sea is extremely exciting and begins with this fateful flight that night. When the plane drove through the ocean, there was suddenly a problem for an unfortunate accident. All passengers are dead, nobody but you. They are the happiest person, but before they can be happy, the risk is surrounded by dozens of sharks, hungry and life -threatening.

Just collect DIY weapons

Your life -sustaining journey in the ocean is supported by nature unlimited. Infinite gifts from Mother Nature become an expensive weapon that helps you protect your life from the invasion of pirates and sharks. Use the hooks in the equipped collection to use the necessary resources for the street, e.g. B. debris, boxes, etc.


You also have to face the border between life and death through hunger and thirst without stopping there. Therefore, the urgent requirement is to discover new, advantageous recipes. You can catch fish with a fishing rod, get water and build vegetables by hand. Do everything to survive as long as possible; If you live longer, you will receive many new gifts together with unique challenges. In addition, you can create building materials, clothing, chests and billions of other things.

Monitoring of health indicators

Record information about the life of the player and thus control the behavior and proactively adapt to stay alive before the storm comes through the craft in the ocean. In the corner of the screen, health indicators as well as hunger and thirst appear that gradually change positively or negatively. If you follow it regularly, you cannot end this unique adventure quickly.

Enjoy a new island adventure

In addition to thinking, calculating and finding a path to life, collecting resources for the production of food and weapons, players have the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands through the craft in the ocean. You can use the improved, designed raft for the most convenient and safest way to travel to the beautiful, magnificent islands nearby. Enter an adventure to discover new countries with rich resources that you have to conquer.

Features :

Survival simulator
Pay attention to indicators of health, hunger and thirst. Otherwise your adventure ends quickly on the raft!

Discover the recipe for the craft!
Catch fish, build vegetables and get water - do everything to survive! Create building materials, clothing, weapons, chests and other things that are necessary to survive.

To play with friends!
You can now play multiplayer with your friends! Get resources, build up your raft and help each other to survive in this endless and dangerous ocean. Remember, teamwork is your key to survival!

Explore the islands!
Travel to the islands and discover new countries!

Receive resources!
Use the hook to catch the necessary resources: debris, algae, boxes and others. You will be useful for survival!

Crafts and buildings!
Distribute, equip and protect the raft. Build real protection with which you can take as long as possible!

survival on the raft Mod features:

Show cheat panel

You touch "cheats (F1)" on the left corner of the screen to activate the cheat panel. Take a look at the pictures below:
Survival and craft mode feature

APKCAP survival and craft mode

Last words

The detail of the 3D graphic and the elements, no matter how small, is very sensitive. Especially with the game, you can do everything yourself and build out of nothing and survive what is literally blood for brothers with architects. If the players can experience the hard survival while they do everything themselves, survival on the raft is different and attracts many players, right? You have to try; It will never let you down.

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