Sunrise Village Family Farm v1.76.45 MOD (You can get free stuff without watching ads) APK

Descriptions :

Sunrise Village creates a creative space from a series of beautiful 3D images that allow players to create a large farm and live peacefully with friendly neighbors. Players take on the role of a hardworking farmer who runs his small farm well, relying on his ability to expand the land and add more resources to the area. You can earn lots of coins for each sale of goods. It takes some time to complete pending orders, do it!


In order to create a more engaging space with more content worth experiencing, Sunrise Village created a new friend and long stories for the next trip. Here you will meet Albert, an inventor returning from Tundrem Glade. Although this is his home, a lot has changed and he needs a companion. You will be the one to guide her through the magic forest with Albert and help different animals in a new place called Fayewald. Players can change their name or description on the fly.


The journey to building a dream farm on a large scale in Sunrise Village began with support from the system. Players receive a small piece of land; You must calculate wisely to include enough buildings to build and extensive gardens. The first challenge starts here with a difficult sorting problem. However, you can expand your control by expanding the land to the surrounding areas.

This has never been easy when players have to fulfill the given conditions in order to have the right to do so. In the waiting time you show your agricultural and breeding skills. Using a combination of many scientific growing techniques, players will develop their garden with more varieties. Each plant has a specific price; You can grow, harvest and store them in large warehouses.


Your orders are neatly arranged on a table at Sunrise Village. Every transaction is based on these orders. You need to prepare the required amount of goods, load them into the car and ask for departure to get money, stars and more new orders. This fun rule of thumb will keep you busy with management. Also, the money earned will help players buy new buildings, pay for items, and save for emergencies.

However, you must be aware of the difficulty of this idle collecting game. Every day there are many orders with different rides, which is why they become more difficult as you upgrade. The warehouse will be where most of the materials will be stored. Expand it to include any items you need. Players have two options to trade and buy and sell; You can receive orders by truck or boat if you prefer.


Sunrise Village brings new and exciting content to help players have more fun after a stressful work process. This will be a miniature empire, a farm where you can master everything. The choices made by the player affect the direction of development of the farm. Each person may open and name a unique farm. Here you can grow your favorite crops and craft more goods for the busy trucks. In addition, completing a quest or task also brings many rewards, conquer them and become a rich boss!

Features :

* Players actively work to expand their farm, find more available resources and produce goods for export by planting trees, raising livestock and constructing many new buildings.
* The system ensures stability and connection. Players will experience smooth gameplay, effortless control and flexibility of movement. Each building is designed with the most realistic structure.
* Farmers take over a small farm calculated by level to get new crops and animals. The system allows you to expand the farm by unlocking new land and building more houses.
* The items needed to produce goods are guaranteed; Players must have enough coins to purchase new gear and the necessary conditions to unlock them. The upgrade will take place when you reach the default number of stars.
* The system organizes orders in a fixed table; The user must produce the required number of rows for today. The various recorded achievements will help you get more rewards.

Be Curious - Explore a mysterious world full of adventure!

Do it yourself - build your own village!

Meet the Villagers - Become friends and discover their stories!

Make your farm flourish - collect resources and produce goods!

Play Smart - Complete daily quests for your villagers and unravel the mystery of the Stone Monument!

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How to Download and Install Sunrise Village Family Farm?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.