Stickmans of Wars RPG Shooter v4.4.6 MOD (Resources increase when spent) APK

Descriptions :

Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter - team action pastime with strategy elements or vice versa. Depending on which mechanic you like best. Players will develop a military base, construct new buildings and thereby gain new qualities and opportunities, train soldiers, improve their equipment and also lead them into battle. To complete tasks, capture valuable resources, get answers, and so on. Cartoon graphics, various models of weapons, interesting conditions, adequately acting assistants and other aspects will please everyone who loves this type of entertainment.


Stickman of Wars Mod APK is an RPG and Shooter that takes mobile war games to a whole new level. Engage in combat that offers action like you've never seen before to reclaim your territory and defeat your enemies.

Stickman of War is the only online war game that never ceases to amaze players with its military game aesthetic and abundance of gunfights. The game is one of several that can be found on the internet. Army games on mobile have never been so mesmerizing and full of excitement to take part in battles. Take part in the conflict as a lone fighter, shoot at the opposing forces, upgrade your fortress and soldiers, amass riches and carry out any other activities that appeal to you in a casual online shooter.


Stickman of Wars online fighting game throws you into the middle of the action as soon as you start it. Collect resources more relaxed. Use the materials you have acquired to build and upgrade your war base. Construct and collect equipment to improve your shooting skills.

Utilize and upgrade your arsenal of gear and weapons like most traditional action RPGs. As you traverse the area, you can earn coins and other resources by attacking the enemy's standing armies. You must defeat the military guarding the dungeon to get more resources, gear, and weapons. You'll level up as you battle increasingly formidable idle armies of opponents.

Stickman of Wars is an online shooter, but like other action RPG games, it offers various resources. This is true even though the game is an action role-playing game. Build your fortress out of logs and improve your skills over time. Gather the necessary technical resources to construct the essential equipment and weapons for your combat RPG. Acquire ammo so you can upgrade your weapons and equipment, which allows you to shoot more accurately and take less damage. You have to defeat enemies to get gold coins, which you can then spend on upgrading the basic components of your RPG online game.

Features :

* Gather resources in a casual mode;
* Use the collected resources, build and upgrade your war base;
* Build and collect equipment to improve your shooting skills;
* Use and upgrade your equipment and firearms like in most classic action RPGs;
* Attack the enemy's idle army to get coins and other resources while exploring the map;
* Attack the army in the dungeon to get additional resources, equipment and weapons;
* Get stronger as you take on increasingly powerful idle army enemies.

Stickmans of Wars RPG Shooter MOD Features:

unlimited health
Free in shop & high quantity (all materials & unlimited gems this way)
XP injection
High attack speed

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How to Download and Install Stickmans of Wars RPG Shooter?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.