Stealth Master Assassin Ninja v1.12.8 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Stealth Master Assassin Ninja v1.12.8 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
SayGames Ltd

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Descriptions :

Stealth Master (Unlimited Money) - In this game you have to move discreetly to the elevator. Try to get in the eyes of the guards, they are armed and dangerous. In this case, you must eliminate them with your arsenal of weapons. There may be traps like surveillance cameras on your way, avoid them so you don't get noticed.


The defining feature of Stealth Master is the non-stop quest chain. Each level has to go through a new level of difficulty and countless villains. The dizzying climb takes longer! They are exciting and provide unexpected surprises as they create unfair encounters, face each other and then create a bloody situation.

Daily appeal lets you complete new tasks, this system is constantly updated and there are rewards for those who deserve it. The next spawn will give you a new position and function, but have fun with character selection. Huge chests that always lie motionless are one day opened with the universal key; Collect them as you explore this land!


Stealth Master will always cause trouble. You will inevitably be attacked and risk losing the game precisely because you prevent this deterioration; Better equipment is the optimal choice. Players can use coins to buy new gear for the journey, buy potions to increase vitality, and choose better armor. This will not be limited and will fill the bag with the most incredible collection!

Prepare for an explosive boss game! Create your own fighting style to take on the other players in Stealth Master. The goodness of weapons depends on whether you use them properly or not; find a way to repair and refresh them. The goal you have to achieve is to level up and get unexpected rewards.


Stealth Master doesn't limit player activities, so transform into your favorite ninja character and quickly have fun in lengthy battles for rewards, leaderboards, and unique abilities. You won't find a more exciting fight anywhere, try it and leave your rating below!

Features :

* One Last Job - Take on assignments to eliminate gangsters, executives, and other good-for-nothings in increasingly difficult ninja assassination missions that require skill, speed, and lots of stealth to reach the boss and take them down.

* Tons of Weapons - Try out a whole range of weapons, from the traditional cold steel of the kunai and katana to every imaginable weapon type, including high-powered sniper rifles. Find your favorite form of deadly force and hone your special skills or choose the right tool for each job and become a true weapon master.

* Adapt to Your Environment - Whether dodging flashlights and lasers, using hidden passages, firing explosives to take out multiple enemies, or posing as a potted plant, Stealth Master offers dozens of different ways to use the environment to your advantage in ingenious ways use game mechanisms that bring variety and excitement to each level.

* Steal the Unsealable - once you've mastered assassinations, try your hand at the ultimate stealth task of hi-tech heist. Now you don't have to attack anyone, just stay in the shadows, slip past the guards and elaborate security gear, and grab the juicy loot without anyone seeing you. New heist missions offer a combination of traditional stealth moves and a variety of fun brain teasers.

* Work remotely - tired of getting your hands dirty? Now you can carry out your nefarious deeds remotely with tricky sniper levels. Practice your sight on the target, plan your strategy, keep your head down and make sure you have an escape route.

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How to Download and Install Stealth Master Assassin Ninja?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.