Squad Alpha Action Shooting v1.6.17 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Squad Alpha (Unlimited Money) - multiplayer casual shooter with a third-person perspective. You play as operational agents who have a huge selection of weapons, equipment and special items, as well as various traps. Clean locations from villains, choose your weapon and agent and become the most powerful agent. To get stronger, you just need to choose the right tactics and upgrade your equipment often.


According to many people, Squad Alpha is a colorful updated version of the game Alone against the Mafia. However, Squad Alpha is an action game with a smart, flexible, and desirable platform. There are villains all over your neighborhood, and they carry guns to intimidate and intimidate people. Your mission will be to save the city and restore its inherent peace.

When you start the game you will find, search, reload and destroy the enemy's territory. A huge advantage for you is that the enemy doesn't have any weapons to attack from a distance and they only carry knives, hammers or hot weapons, so you don't have to get too close. You still have the option to shoot and shoot. Every bullet fired will inspire fear and respect in them.


Right from the start, players can easily see that this is an interesting and easy to absorb game. However, don't let this mindset fool you. Squad Alpha has over 200 levels of varying difficulty. Each level requires and dictates the most diverse and accurate weapons and attacks. Depending on the situation, you have to move and attack flexibly. Especially with more than 20 bosses full of advanced skills, this is the biggest challenge you have to master and face. You are the bravest and most resilient agent, so equip yourself with full armor and weapons to complete the mission and get the most valuable rewards.


To build your own arsenal you must be economically viable to build and maintain the strength and status of a combat agent, with more than 30 types of modern weapons and the most powerful pistol, m298, ak47, smg or even royal series or other class genres. In addition to guns, you also have grenades, a weapon with significant damage and long range, and the benefit of attacking from afar. Earn as many coins as you can and buy tons of equipment to fight and defend yourself. You can customize each weapon to suit your tactics and style, meaning players can customize the weapon to their liking.


Each level contains at least 1 green chest with a lot of valuable loot: gold coins, energy bottles, weapons, ammo, etc. However, there are no gifts and nothing is free. Aside from having to move and scan everywhere to find anything, the item box is always protected by many guards. There is no other way; You are forced to defeat the opponent to win the reward. You can use grenades to kill all guards as fast as possible. However, the reward box still needs to be protected. The second option is to quickly collect items and go to the elevator to go to the next level. Please measure your strength and choose the most suitable solution!


Some other action games make the player stand still and attack, but in Squad Alpha, combat agents must constantly move in search of enemies. A move also requires a clear plan to complete the task within the timeframe that allows. Don't get lost in running around the neighborhood with no shooting tactics. Run while predicting enemies and combine key features to pass the level quickly. It doesn't get too complicated in tactics because your task is just running and shooting. But be careful with every movement.


The battle agent is designed quite humorously and hilariously with a tiny body and a face without eyes, nose and mouth. Squad Alpha's graphics are slightly better in color than other action games of the same type and suitable for many ages. A special outfit shop for agents is always ready to welcome you. Use the money you earn and items along the way to upgrade your skin, power, attack power and increase speed. Your character is created by yourself

Features :

* Squad Alpha is the most classic and vibrant game ever.
* Shoot continuously and create the most surprises in each level to collect the most coins.
* 200 levels and more than 20 bosses will be a great challenge for the players.
* Expand your weapon arsenal and upgrade them to become the strongest versions.
* Scientific search and hide strategy to pass the level quickly.
* Agents have their own characteristics; Please style them to match each assigned task.

Squad Alpha MOD features:

Unlimited Gems


Gems increase as you spend.

Last words about Squad Alpha

For those of you who love shooting battles and fun style roleplaying games, download and play Squad Alpha. Many fast-paced, exciting and unexpected battles are waiting for you here.

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How to Download and Install Squad Alpha?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.