Space Gangster 2 v2.5.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Space Gangster 2 v2.5.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Naxeex Ltd

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Descriptions :

Space Gangster 2 - Action in the style of Grand Theft Auto and the setting of a distant future. In the role of a criminal, the player travels through the open world and carries out various illegal missions. Numerous skirmishes with the police, bank robberies, races, elimination of other bandits and other criminal tasks await the user. Alternatively, they can explore the futuristic city by cruising the streets on high-tech cars and motorcycles. Good graphics, gameplay is typical and the unusual time and place of release, the project regime of the other GTA-like games.

Space Gangster 2 is about a popular space station in a big world. The game belongs to the space shooter genre. You'll find tons of great tools, weapons and techniques to fight a variety of enemies in amazingly realistic 3D graphics. You are entering a new era and everything is going well. Civilization is the era of robbers, assassins, war and human-robot power. You will go through space stations in the huge world of space classroom, explore the world of crime and save the world from top criminals. You use an arsenal of powerful modern weapons and take control of new modern vehicles.

Space Gangster 2 offers the full experience of a third-person shooter. You always feel active and interesting while controlling the character. The players travel to the distant future and slip into the role of a space gangster. You will be operating in a remote colony and the area is not under police or military control. With a variety of powerful weapons, you can easily gain complete control of the space organization. The game features many unique car/motorcycle models, heavy armored vehicles and special equipment. You have the maneuverability and movement speed to enjoy beautiful graphics in a large open world. The game is reminiscent of the style of GTA (Grand Theft Auto), and the game scene takes place in the distant future. Players will travel through the open world and carry out various illegal missions. You take part in many skirmishes with police, robbers and banks. You can race cars, destroy bandits and complete exciting crime missions. In addition, you can explore the futuristic city and drive through the streets on high-tech cars and motorcycles.

The game is for those who want to venture into a virtual universe. Because you have to complete dangerous missions, destroy enemies, collect experience points and cash prizes. The game is developed and operated by Naxeex LLC and received positive reviews from players. Also, the game has new updates every day. However, due to violent or action elements, the game is not suitable for all ages. Some items can only be purchased in the app with real money. Anyway, the game was successful as "GTA" Mobile version in the space environment. Because you will be able to do a lot of things, such as: travel around the open world, carry out a large number of interesting missions in the game, take part in a large number of battles with law enforcement agencies. The game is full of addictive sandbox elements like bank robberies, races, different missions and challenges with powerful bosses. In addition, you can also hike to explore the city, ride a high-tech car/motorcycle on the roads.

Space Gangster 2 is really a game that successfully simulates freedom in space. You go on adventures as a thief, explore a huge map with many wonderful things. You complete missions around the world as you wish. You can kick robots, steal pedestrian cars, or drive sci-fi space machines. You also need to earn points to improve your skills and run away from the police every time you make a mistake. The game brings a lot of excitement and fun. The game features a large number of unique weapons and means of destruction. You sow crime in a huge adventure world and you have to become the leader of space.


Space Gangster 2 has very simple controls and the necessary buttons will appear when you need an action. You choose how to command on-screen buttons to perform actions: like walking, holding a weapon, or driving. The game supports one button to run, but if you run wild, the character will lose energy very quickly. As a space gangster, the game brings different districts into the big space.

Features :

* Space themed car thief game.
* Rich 3D graphics and realistic physics.
*New models of destructible vehicles.
*Wide range of new weapons!
* Large map to explore.


In short, Space Gangster 2 is a great free-to-play action game and you'll find many similarities to Grand Theft Auto. The game is successfully set in the distant future, you play as a criminal in the big open world and carry out many different illegal missions. You are ready to fight against police and complete many difficult missions like bank robbery, racing and destroying other robbers. You can freely explore the city of the future in stunning 3D graphics. The game offers an immersive action experience in the virtual universe. You carry out dangerous quests, destroy enemies, get experience points and cash rewards. High quality graphics will delight all modern gamers and get ready to experience the exciting cosmic version of GTA on your phone.

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