Simple Sandbox 2 Middle Ages v0.8.8 Mod (Anti Kick + No Ads) Apk

Description :
Simple Sandbox 2 Middle Ages
is a spin-off of the famous and popular Sandbox. And as the name suggests, the players travel to the Middle Ages. There you will find castles, villages, many melee weapons, jousting games, tasks, comfortable controls, a full-fledged editor and the freedom to choose how and whom you want to play in open space. There are also modes. Solo for those who prefer the lonely path, and multiplayer for those who love to act together with and against other participants. The project also received various mechanic improvements and new qualities that make entertainment a great gift for fans of the original game.
Features :
* New maps, new heroes, completely new medieval worlds.
* Imagine you are a medieval warrior, a knight fighting side by side with your friends in a dangerous battle on the battlefield.
* Remember, this is the best sandbox building game for free.
* Have fun creating your own MEDIEVAL WORLD in REAL TIME thanks to our sandbox simulator.
* Help your friends create and build various buildings, houses, cities and entire fortresses.
* Do you want to shoot, fight? Choose your favorite weapon from weapons and attack, conquer enemy territory.
* The simulator allows you to build your own medieval world.

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