Shelter War Zombie Games v1.11363.40 MOD (God Mode) APK

Descriptions :

Shelter War is a challenging zombie shelter game in which the player builds an underground private city. The story takes place in one of the last refuges of the wilderness with dangers for its inhabitants. So you have to save your people and train survivors from fighting other nations. Strategy is an important thing that you need to protect your vault and become a top leader.


Shelter War is a survival strategy RPG that combines well-known RPG elements and offers players a great experience. In this game, you take on the role of a newly appointed bunker supervisor in a post-apocalyptic world. The game's story takes place in a mother's last shelter, building the world's largest bunker for your residents and leading your country's survivors to a brighter future.


Creatures that emerge when the apocalypse hits include robot planes, zombies, mutants, and bloodthirsty evil knights. These are the animals you must contend with if you want to develop a prosperous subterranean planet while protecting the last remnants of modern civilization. In order to survive in a scary world full of deadly radioactive disasters, you must build your own safe haven to store your belongings.


This game is not a resource management and empire building simulation game. This exciting RPG with unique mechanics will immerse you in a paranoid world with violent graphics and beautiful looks. Endless wars with other countries for lives and resources are incredibly intense. You have to build your base of operations as fast as possible and jump out of your vault into the world of nuclear radiation to enjoy the thrilling battle.


This great animal shelter life simulation game also includes resource management tasks, crafting gear, weapons and getting rewards. Also enjoy the fun RPG story with this exciting survival style.

It would be helpful if you controlled and closely monitored the border areas of your country. America is a country full of evil conspiracies against humanity. So you are the one who gets up to build your impregnable castle and train your own clan to repel them. Destroy the almighty rebellious cyborgs and grow your population with superior bioprinter equipment. Simultaneously craft thousands of items and upgrade soldiers to help in RPG battles.


Shelter War is a highly exciting war simulation game with countless enemies that requires smart strategy and plan from the players. This is not only a zombie apocalypse but also a mission to protect people from becoming the greatest hero. Additionally, the game features tons of combat gear ranging from knives to RPG launchers for players to obliterate enemies.

Features :

* Start the game from scratch, lead the survivors of the apocalypse and train the people to become heroes to fight the enemies in the apocalypse.
* Build your hideout and turn it into an impregnable bunker using smart city planning and your ability to manage underground resources.
* Explore the inventory from the first or third person perspective with great rewards while completing unique dungeon combat missions.
* Craft thousands of different unique items and use innovative strategic thinking to upgrade them into advanced equipment for your soldiers to defeat all enemies.
* Enjoy the complex but highly addicting story of the game with the most powerful enemies. Gather the strongest warriors for exciting adventures.
* Turn your simple hideout into an impregnable castle bunker (or maybe an entire underground city!) by applying smart urban design techniques.
* Play in first-person or third-person mode and complete unique subterranean missions as you explore your vault.
* Instruct your shelter occupants, whether they are military or not!
* Create hundreds of unique things and use them to strengthen your army! In roleplay-inspired conflicts, you must use strategic thinking to outwit your opponents.
* Join an existing clan or create your own! Maintain good relations with your allies at all times.
* A sophisticated and intricate plot with lots of twists and turns (there will undoubtedly be zombies!) will please everyone.
* Take on the most formidable enemies in a role-playing narrative mode or apply tactics in Clan Wars co-op scenarios.
* Increase the size of your population from 0 to many using superior Bioprinter gear!
* A plethora of combat tools, from twin knives to handheld RPG launchers!
* Take a trip to the Collider and embark on your first truly memorable journey through time!
* Build a fortress under the Doom Dome to protect your largest troops!
* And remember to have a good time, zombie enthusiasts!

Last words about Shelter War Zombie Games

Shelter War can be played solo in Story Mode or you can show your strategy in Co-op mode. Weird, unique, and very futuristic graphics, combined gameplay has brought a rich and interesting experience for players. Enemies are not only zombies but also a lot of other hard-to-name things. Are you ready to enter this complex and exciting post-apocalyptic world?

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How to Download and Install Shelter War Zombie Games?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.