Shadow fighter 2 Ninja games v1.21.1 MOD (HIGH BONUS RATE/SPIN REWARD) APK

Descriptions :

Shadow Fighter 2: The Shadow & Ninja Fighting Games - High quality side-scrolling dynamic action game in which the player will face hordes of enemies. By choosing one of the five ninja fighters, each with their own characteristics and weapons, the user will destroy the waves of enemies, a superior warrior in quantity. In order not to become a victim of an enemy blade, the player must show the reaction speed. In addition to the main weapons, each character here has a number of unique skills that will come in handy in each of the 150 levels.


Players become heroes with unique powers, you are the ultimate savior to save the world from invading monsters. Join the battle by choosing the hero character with five different heroes. That's three ninjas, horse knights and finally a cleric. Like Shadow Fighter, the heroin Shadow Fighter Two also has strong abilities. But the power at the beginning of the game can't go through many levels, so you have to improve it day by day.


Shadow Fighter 2 will bring you many "surprises" that you will not be able to resist. Each fierce battle follows one after the other, and it doesn't even give you time to rest or recover. This is a plus, but also a disadvantage when it comes to many exciting battles. Players have to face hundreds of tough battles, which is more than 150 official levels, to pass. Don't get discouraged when you face so many battles. It is an opportunity for you to develop your strength.


Easily find fierce battles taking place in different environments like jungles or dungeons. Experiencing such battles is inevitable when coming to this game. You will experience more than 150 official battles in 3 basic game modes, from easy to extremely difficult. The choice of game mode depends on both your skills and the items you own, but I recommend measuring your strength since the enemies in the hard-to-hard modes are extremely aggressive.

But also, don't skip a fight if you have the chance to fight in these modes. In addition to the hundreds of official battles in Shadow Fighter 2, you must also complete a variety of small missions. This is an offline game, so you can complete the task without the assistance of the Internet. By completing daily quests, if you qualify, you can bring back many other valuable items that will be useful in official battles.


You cannot fight without supporting weapons; I'm sure of that when I play this game. No bare-handed hero can defeat monsters or small zombies, and you can't even get close to them without a specific weapon or strategy. So choose the appropriate weapon when entering into dangerous battles. Perform powerful attacks and send away waves of monsters from the very first step.


Chance to own five hero characters by completing side quests in Shadow Fighter 2 or obtained while watching a promo video. Don't miss out on these easy opportunities if you don't have to make an effort. You can even unlock more advanced weapons while watching the video. Expand your arsenal with just a few clicks or buy more equipment or weapons in the shop. Make sure you equip enough weapons before starting the battles.

Features :

* Collect and customize characters in a unique hero collection with five heroes from 3 different positions as Ninja, Horse Knight or Cleric.
* Develop and practice your skills after going through more than 150 levels equivalent to fierce battles.
* Complete three basic game modes from easy to extremely difficult; also have to go through many side quests that take place every day to be able to get many items
* Fully equipped with weapons from guns to swords to protective gear to defeat any wave of monsters or hordes of filthy zombies.
* Unlock more characters or advanced weapons by watching promo videos; You can also buy more gear from the shop if your gear isn't enough.

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How to Download and Install Shadow fighter 2 Ninja games?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.