Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD v2.03 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

Descriptions :

Sci-Fi Tower Defense. Module TD - Tower Defense of the strategy type, in which the player helps a fantastic race Murata. Its members will explore the planet and make it habitable, but they constantly disturb enemies. In order to successfully counter them, you need to use all available resources, presented in the form of fortifications. Each tower has several parameters that can be improved, as well as different types of shells for a specific type of enemy.


Your own planet is undergoing a profound upheaval, and now you must realize your full potential. You must now coordinate with intelligent pandas to find an effective solution together. All enemies gradually want to attack us in different ways, and we must be mentally prepared to respond. More specifically, building a defensive tower system is something not to be missed.

The next feature is Modul TD, which provides you with a system of machines and equipment to help you defeat. Players will rhythmically coordinate with the pandas and make plans shortly. The player will also get a tutorial provided by the game to better understand what you should do. The most exciting thing is that the game also gives you support when a bad situation arises.


Players need to know that our system goes in circles, so you should place defense towers in the best positions for them to be effective. Enemies will follow these detours, and you'll need to stop their advance so they don't get a chance to sneak into key areas. If they have to get into the critical areas, it's game over and you're obviously the loser.

Module TD wants you to think carefully about placing large defensive towers. The defense tower will have a laser beam and this is the weapon to destroy all big enemies. We need to increase the power of this beam to be able to defeat the opponents faster than normal. If you want to win many useful upgrades, you have to face difficult challenges and win more of these exciting upgrades.


The game offers you many weapons and large defense tower systems to help you complete your assigned mission. If our planet can meet this challenge, it has an opportunity to survive and thrive. The game is also always creating conditions for you to build a more robust tower defense system and this system always helps the planet to exist independently without worrying about bad troubles.

Enemies have started to get stronger, so you'll also speed up building new systems. The game offers you an arsenal of modern systems and you need to use the money to buy it. The system is equipped with lasers all around, so enemies cannot penetrate these protective nets. More specifically, you can also call on sly pandas for help and, in the worst case, get over it as efficiently as ever.

Building many defensive towers is an impressive point in module TD. You will always find that the game offers more and more outstanding challenges that you never expected to test you. The special is, the higher the level, the stronger the defense tower will be to defeat thousands of big enemies. Each tower is a brain machine with great destructive power to defeat the enemy and give him no chance to come back.

Features :

* Build a large-scale defensive tower system full of state-of-the-art supporting machinery and equipment.
* Combine strength with talented pandas to create the perfect battle and extermination strategies.
* Hit those stealing information hard and you must use powerful lasers that can burn these baddies.
* Upgrade the machine system in the military tunnel to be able to destroy and prevent unexpected situations.
* Go through many levels to get to bigger missions and you can use the positive energies that Modul TD offers.

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How to Download and Install Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module TD?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.