Scary Teacher 3D v5.31.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

Scary Teacher 3D v5.31.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

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Scary Teacher 3D -
Horror simulator with a complicated plot. The terrible teacher kept physically punishing the children for their misdeeds, and the hour of reckoning came, the teacher moved to a big house next door. Now you need to find out what Miss T is hiding by entering the house consisting of 15 different rooms and investigating the teacher's crimes. Complete quests one by one to learn more story, but be careful, Miss T can catch you and make the mission fail.

Here in Scary Teacher 3D interesting gameplay, android gamers will have fun with hilarious simulation gameplay while discovering evil teacher's scary house freely. Explore different areas and aspects of the house, come up with fascinating ways to interact with the game, and play lots of funny pranks on the tiger woman.

Adopt different game modes and roam freely around the house to prank the teacher. Plan your moves carefully and come up with lots of innovative plans to ensure you easily get past their guard. Watch the woman fall into your traps and enjoy watching her get angry with her nasty curses and hilarious facial expressions. This should really help you relax and have fun with the exciting game.

In the latest version of Scary Teacher 3D you will play pranks on Miss T and there are two new types of levels to choose from. One is supposed to take advantage of her at the pool game, the other gives her a light electric shock. Of course, all of them require a certain skill to complete the level if you are skillful in observing this creepy woman and moving to avoid her. Therefore, two new methods open up exciting experience possibilities for the players.

The story that players experience in Scary Teacher 3D is that you are a student in a high school and your teacher is Miss T. They don't like her because she's being punished like that. She treats her students like threats, abuse and many other forms. So it's the motivation for our main character to sneak into the woman's house, play his pranks and scare her as much as he can.

You control the character from the first-person perspective with familiar and accessible controls. You won't have trouble using too many buttons, just primary navigation and interaction buttons. At the same time, you can interact with specific objects to collect them, learn them, or move them to a desired area. On the left side of the screen is a screen that records Miss T's movements when you play the prankster.

The first mode you will experience is Career of Scary Teacher 3D. This mode is pretty easy as each level is a puzzle challenge for you to solve. At the same time, they will bring you specific requirements, and you will try to meet that requirement in your own way. Also, you'll be careful with your movements so that Miss T doesn't recognize you. You try to watch her actions to know where she moves in the house.

In career mode, you will see themes corresponding to different prank levels. In other words, you will go through many levels and find exciting pranks. The first prank you will pull is a surprise trap, and cannot put it in front of Miss T because she can easily spot it. So your task is to place the trap in the right place and use an item in the house to clear the character's suspicions.

If you have a certain skill because you passed the levels of Scary Teacher 3D, multiplayer mode is for you. The gameplay won't feature too many changes, but you'll experience both the roles of Miss T the seeker and the hiding character. When you start the level, you know the role and what you have to do. Your task is to fulfill this requirement and of course will be absolutely impressive hunt-capture tactics in a large area.

Appropriate gameplay for players of all ages
As a parent, you can also allow your kids to enjoy the hilarious and creative gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D even though it has the scary theme. With no blood and gore effects, along with the fun and friendly approaches, the game is totally suitable for players of all ages, which is quite similar to Ice Scream Episode 2.

Get your daily rewards easily
Here in Scary Teacher 3D, players also have access to many interesting daily in-game rewards that you can get without having to do anything. Not to mention, with the stackable rewards at the end of the month, you'll be delighted with your awesome prizes.

Play for free
And despite all the exciting features in the game, Android gamers can still have fun in Scary Teacher 3D with the free version of the game on the Google Play Store. Here, you can enjoy most of the features in the game without having to pay anything. But if you want more, then you should definitely grab the modified version of the game on our website.

Enjoy the unlocked mobile title on our website
Speaking of which, the modded app on our website has tons of accessible and unlocked gameplay for you to explore freely. Here you can get rid of annoying ads, unwanted in-game purchases and many other annoying features. All you have to do is download and install the Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you are good to go.

Have interesting game modes for fun
For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun with Scary Teacher 3D in many unique game modes, each offering its own unique experience.

* Career Mode - Start having fun with the main Scary Teacher 3D game by taking on multiple in-game adventures, each with their own set-ups and stories. Explore the different missions and find multiple ways to deal with your enemies. Enjoy career gameplay with up to dozens of different stories to discover.
* Teaser Mode - And for those of you interested in terrorizing the cruel teacher right away, you can now take advantage of the available Teaser Mode, which gives you tons of different items to play with. Feel free to throw cakes, spooky creatures and lots of prank items at them while trying everything in teaser mode.
* Multiplayer - In order for players to have more fun with the game, you can now have fun with the interesting online game mode. Feel free to play the game with friends and online players to double your fun.

* Open world style interactive house
* 15 different rooms and secrets to solve
* Horror themes, but suitable for children of all ages
* Easy controls

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