Run Sausage Run v1.26.8 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Run Sausage Run v1.26.8 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Arcade , Games

Developer :
Crazy Labs by TabTale

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Sausage wants to live too! Embark on a dizzying and very dangerous adventure with a bunch of sausages who decided to escape a terrible fate in the kitchen! Run, dodge cutting sharp objects, jump over furnaces and try to dodge hammers! Open different sausages and guide them through the real hell to the exit!

Play as a juicy little sausage or tasty Jagdwurst and race as fast as you can through the hellish obstacles: stove, press, knife, fryer and so on. You are just waiting for the most overwhelming endless race with obstacles. Collect coins along the way and unlock new sausages. And if you get caught eating dinner, you can always go into the race as a whole different sausage. You will be in a good mood.


It's a world of delicious food and cooking ingredients, but unfortunately you won't be the one to taste them. Instead, in Run Sausage Run, Android players will play the helpless foodstuffs trying to fight for their chances of survival. Under the incoming blades, the frying pans, and the hungry mouths of their human enemies, the Sausages meet a terrible fate. But not if they decide to get up and run.

In the game android gamers will play so many different kinds of sausages and food on the run like black pudding, candy bar, hot dogs, whatever. The 2D runner gameplay introduces a variety of different obstacles and traps for you to avoid as well as simple and exciting gameplay for all android gamers to enjoy on their phones.

Quickly log into the game and enjoy many of its exciting in-game features. Discover the thrilling and life-threatening runs along with your favorite sauces. And at the same time, you can enjoy the game through a variety of different in-game challenges.


* Simple yet exciting runner gameplay with intuitive touch controls
Foremost, in Run Sausage Run, Android players can quickly get into the runner gameplay thanks to the simple and exciting in-game mechanics. Enjoy your amazing run even for a few minutes while exploring the epic game world even if it's only for a few minutes.

* Take on endless runs with dozens of different obstacles
And to make the game more interesting, in Run Sausage Run, Android gamers also have access to multiple runs, each with their own unique obstacles and level setups. Find out how to run away from the piercing blades that would cut you in half or hack into pieces, away from the burning fire that would burn you alive, and so on.

* Interesting game modes for Android gamers
For those of you who are interested, in Run Sausage Run Android players can also enjoy the game in different game modes that offer unique experiences

* Feel free to customize your running experiences
While embarking on your exciting sausage runner experiences, it is also possible for Android players in Run Sausage Run to enjoy their individual gaming experiences. That means you can choose your preferred characters between different types of sausages as well as other foods. Additionally, there are several skins you can pick up for your sausages to further personalize your runner gameplay. Run in hilarious skins and enjoy the exciting gameplay even more.

* Collect coins and power-ups along the way
For those of you who are interested, the game also features multiple coins and power-ups to collect and enjoy along the way. Use your coins to buy multiple Steel Buns, which would make the run a lot less challenging. Or opt for the other cool power-ups with interesting effects on your entire runs.

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