Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder v8.5.0 MOD (Mod Mana) APK

Descriptions :

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder opens a door that allows you to become a queen or a king of an entire kingdom. Your mission revolves around strategizing and leading your army to overcome obstacles along the way. You can organize raids on other kingdoms and break down the strong defenses in front of you to conquer their territory and treasures. Even players get special spells.


With the newly updated version, Royal Revolt 2 allows you to explore and fight in a romantic setting with the appearance of Halloween items. The whole city is full of colors, the atmosphere of the festival, every corner is decorated with typical items such as pumpkins, orange and black items. In addition, allowing the use of character customization and additional Halloween accessories will also favor your character.


Their success is marked and demonstrated by counterattacks and direct attacks with invaders. Combat skills are crucial; When combined with advanced weapons, they will generate invincible power. Adjust your RTS strategy to defeat intrigue and enemies no matter how powerful they are.


As the leader of an entire kingdom, your mission is to protect the territory and raise an army of great fighting spirit and strength. Train them rigorously, teach them soldier loyalty. Whether you can keep the kingdom or not, whether you can steal the opponent's territory largely depends on his combat strength and engagement. So be careful when choosing an army to avoid accidents caused by betrayal. In addition, your rewards are used to unlock the most powerful and high-quality armies.


The enemy's castle defense is what you aim for. organize quick raids. Through RTS, you can easily grasp the situation and information to approach and strategize. However, with tremendous strength and undefeated fighting spirit, the combination of loyal Pet Pal and Royal Guardian won't let you down. They will not tolerate your stubborn attack; Paladins, werewolves and dragons will be the objects that organize them to counterattack and destroy because they are your right hand.


Regarding Royal Revolt 2, how can you ignore the awesome items dedicated to RPG playstyle? The blacksmith will help you build an impressive massive weapon platform, especially auto-smelting unnecessary items, as well as collecting pearls to create weapons of terrible durability. Additionally, players prefer using magic to safely control, attack, and defend.


In addition to weapons and the authority to lead a powerful, loyal army, Royal Revolt 2 allows you to build solid castle defenses to protect your army, weapons, and treasure. This will be a special temporary military base, but don't be subjective, because your opponent will certainly aim here and attack massively. Therefore, army defense becomes the core to defend against obstacles and build on the player's personal style. Beneath your castle in particular is an extremely mysterious dungeon that is explored to provide fascinating experiences.

Features :

* Tower Defense RPG

Build strong tower castle defenses that can withstand any attack. Choose the troops, obstacles and defense towers you want to use to build your way in RTS. Improve your kingdom and choose the best items and spells for your king/queen that suit your unique playstyle.

* Forge Alliances

Play together with your friends or join players from all over the world to improve your castle defenses and create a powerful alliance that can fight together for epic boosts and treasures.

* Regular seasonal events

Fight in Alliance Wars, Conquests and Ninja Events to find out who really has the best tactics and earn powerful chests and boosts.

* Explore the depths of your castle defense city

Forge your weapons at the blacksmith. Visit the granny for a chat (and loot). Discover the mystical dungeon under your castle and unlock powerful troops!

* And much more

Are you ready to lead your kingdom to victory? Do you have the best castle defense strategy? The world of Royal Revolt 2 awaits you.

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