Rovercraft 2 v1.3.4 MOD (Mod menu) APK

Rovercraft 2 v1.3.4 MOD (Mod menu) APK

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Descriptions :

Rovercraft 2 MOD : is a game that offers many great experiences to the users as it is an offroad racing game. This category is also a racing game genre, but it has much more interesting experience than the classic games. What is unique about this game is that not only is it racing on the normal earth but this game takes the users to planets off planet. This has created a whole new experience that only this game can offer players.


The gameplay of the game also has many unique points for the players to experience, most importantly, the player has no opponents in the game. Although this game belongs to racing games, there is no opponent for players to race with. The player's task is to reach the finish line within the given time. But that won't be easy when the player has to focus much more on technique than speed. The reason for this is that the terrain in the game is very rough, making it impossible for players to accelerate freely. Because if the player does this, the player will overturn the car very quickly. So, in order to complete the stages in the game, the player has to be very careful to complete the challenges in the game.

One factor that significantly influences whether a player can complete stages or not is "Energy". This keeps the car running, and if the power isn't enough, the vehicle will stop. If that happens, the player has lost the race, but there is still a way to recharge the car. In this way, the player touches the batteries placed on the track, when he touches them, the vehicle's power is full. But users need to be wise to save energy until the next charge.

This game also has some interesting features that allow players to create their cars freely. In this game, no vehicles are made available to the player, which the players create themselves. This feature gives users the freedom to design and create unique cars that only players can have.

Features :

Simple and intuitive touch controls

First of all, in Rovercraft 2 Android players will enjoy the simple and intuitive in-game touch controls that allow players to quickly enjoy their hill climb challenges. Just tap the screen to increase your speed and control your swing. And always use the provided in-game options to conveniently work with the rover.

Conquer multiple levels and conquer the planets

Here in Rovercraft 2, players can have fun with multiple in-game levels where they can conquer the amazing planetary rides in the game. Explore interesting challenges with different terrains and fun racing game. Enjoy your awesome rides where you can conquer multiple planets with unique hill climb quests. Always have fun with interesting in-game levels that offer players an escalating level of difficulty.

Interesting and unusual terrain to explore

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the amazing rides in Rovercraft 2 as the game features multiple planets and their unusual terrains for you to traverse. Have fun discovering your epic rides in a unique way. Explore the game and its interesting elements freely.

Design and build your own amazing cars

Here in Rovercraft 2, players can try designing and crafting their own fantastic cars, giving them unique looks and interesting driving physics. Have fun reliving your favorite car customizing gameplay in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars as you try to build your awesome vehicles in Rovercraft 2. Make use of the collectible parts with diverse functions and interesting visual elements. Embark on amazing rides and have fun with the game to the fullest by unleashing your creativity.

Enjoy mobile racing fun offline gameplay

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy the fun offline mobile racing gameplay in Rovercraft 2. Enjoy exploring its interesting features without having to connect to the internet. Now you can enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want.

Play for free

And despite all the exciting in-game elements, Android players can enjoy Rovercraft 2 free gameplay on their mobile devices without paying anything. Just explore the elements in the game and enjoy many of its features, no payment required.

Unlock more interesting gameplay with the mod menu

In order to make the game more interesting, we also offer the modified version of Rovercraft 2 on our website. Here you can have fun with many of its amazing in-app purchases without having to pay for them. And the distance indicators ensure that you can always enjoy the game to the fullest. Also, the interesting mod menu lets you have fun with Rovercraft 2 in your own way. Just download Rovercraft 2 Mod APK from our website and you can have fun with its amazing features.


Get ready for the ultimate rover driving in Rovercraft 2 and have fun with the interesting visual effects. Enable interesting driving physics and animations on your vehicles to enjoy hillclimb racing experiences even more. And thanks to the realistic physics, you will always find the game absolutely fantastic.

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