Retro Hero Mr Kim Idle RPG v6.2.07 MOD (Unlimited Gems/Keys Increase) APK

Retro Hero Mr Kim Idle RPG v6.2.07 MOD (Unlimited Gems/Keys Increase) APK

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Developer :
mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)

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Descriptions :

Today's action role-playing games are adopting new mechanics to create engaging and fun content for everyone. In addition, they also use many elements that blend modernity and classic to allow players to discover the quintessence that brings them together. One of these games is Retro Hero Mr Kim, a great combination of RPG and idle clicker genres to give people new elements for the two genres. In addition, the game uses a retro graphics engine to build everything like heroes, enemies, weapons and more to satisfy the player's visual element.


The first element that the game aims to impress the players with is its flashy and attractive retro graphics on every frame. It's a perfect combination of classic and modern elements, with everything sketched vividly and richly while players constantly discover new elements. In addition, the skill and attack effects in the game are impressive and full of detail, giving a strong or realistic feel to each skill. In addition, the game will introduce beautiful cutscenes in story mode, where players will experience the beauty of the character in new graphics. Because of this, the game always offers players many graphical surprises based on their gameplay progress.


The main goal of the player in Retro Hero Mr Kim is simple: accompany the hero to countless dungeons and fight against everything. The game's ability to design the dungeon system is impressive and deep, can even make it endless, and keeps giving players discoveries with the RPG genre. In addition, all elements work differently and independently in terms of rewards or boss systems, allowing players to explore discoveries and delve into raid dungeons. The game will also introduce a rich rewards system where players will receive many interesting things based on the progress or dungeon level they reach with their achievements.


The game's combat and gameplay mechanics are simple as it uses idle mechanics as its core to make everything richer and more alive. The first is the combat mechanic, where the character will automatically attack periodically, but the player can tap to increase attack speed based on their tap speed. In other words, the more they tap, the more damage they do, but they must tap continuously. Next, players can upgrade the hero to improve battle performance. As they constantly defeat different monsters, the game will open up new content and elements of novel gameplay. Eventually, many new enemies or rewards will appear, making everything more exciting and attractive.


Idle games always come with a perpetual upgrade system that allows players to improve their hero's strength over time. In addition, Retro Hero Mr Kim is an RPG, so the upgrade system will consist of many different branches or elements, giving players a wide range to explore. Through this system, players can upgrade all of the hero's base stats if they have enough money. Still, their value will gradually increase with the number of upgrades, but will greatly affect DPS. But upgrading helps unlock many different types of skills, and players can develop the hero in many different directions.


The essence of an RPG is gear, in which players can find new powers for their characters. The same goes for Retro Hero Mr Kim, where players can get tons of powerful gear by constantly fighting the boss. Not only equipment, but also jewelry or other items will become more important, which will affect the hero's overall DPS when equipped. If the player has too much redundant equipment, they may be able to craft a stronger item through the item crafting feature.


If the player gets bored with the endless wars, the game offers many exciting activities in which he fights with many bigger or more powerful units. In addition, many activities give players rare gear and even unlock new features in the character upgrade system. New activities are regularly updated every week and constantly updated for players to have endless fun and give them many opportunities to improve the hero's strength.

Features :

Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim is easy to play!
Tired of tap games? Mr.Kim will automatically farm gold for you!
Use auto-farm gold and cloth for limitless power-up!
Collect pets and costumes for a massive attack bonus!

Idle RPG Retro Hero Mr Kim has a unique story!
It's based on comics that you can unlock, so you can't get bored of other idle games!
Continuous dad jokes while AFK: Have you ever seen anything like this in other idle games?

Idle RPG Retro Hero Mr Kim won't send you back!
Literally everything gives a bonus, so don't worry and be stronger!
Still confused? Follow our special missions for easy progression and rewards!

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