Real Steel Boxing Champions v53.53.139 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Real Steel Boxing Champions v53.53.139 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

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Descriptions :

Real Steel Boxing Champions (MOD, Unlimited Money) - This game was created based on the famous Real Steel film of the same name. As in the movie itself, you will fight against other tons of robots and turn them into a piece of useless metal, defeat your opponents and develop your skills, become stronger and defeat the greatest and indestructible Zeus! The game has excellent and high-quality graphics, detailed characters and user-friendly controls that you can customize yourself.


The most important thing about this game is that the giant robots are controlled by different protocols. Therefore, it is complicated to find a suitable character to fight with. Also, it doesn't bring different types of power depending on the character. The game will bring continuously occurring events that will allow you to get rewards worthy of yourself. They are robots that are sold at a very high price. However, if your friend wins the event, you can own it for free. In addition, you can also discover tons of deals and offers. You can get much more money or consumables than in the normal modes.


When participating in the game, players have to control a number of characters and fight in the arena. Real Steel Boxing Champions, the game allows players to transform into different types of robots. Robot models are designed and completed for other games. Players have to go to the store and buy the type of robot they like the most. However, this game also allows you to buy different types to modify your character. Over 1500 colossal robot parts from 32 exclusive robots will be a considerable resource to freely use and create what you like.


These pieces also have their own stats that add variety to things if you're creative enough - iconic heads, for example, giving you defensive stats at the top. Attacks to the head deal massive damage. Sometimes you can knock out with just one real team in your head. Therefore, heads with high Defense will give you more confidence in long fights. You don't have to worry about getting too involved in your attacks and exposing your opens. Or you can also buy massive torsos to increase HP and attack power. The arm, which is the main part of your attack in matches, needs to work in perfect harmony with the robotic torsos. The extensive body will help you get more HP. With a troublesome robot to kill and a long-lasting skin color, players can easily win against difficult opponents. In addition, Power Legs creates a variety of combos for you to create. In addition, if you have strong legs, your robot can stand firmly on the ring without being knocked down by the opponent. If you fall, it is life-threatening, because now your defense is zero.


With games built on the fundamentals of fighting games, combos are what absolutely draws players in. New players can come to the game because of its beautiful and unique graphics, but experienced players will stay because of different fighting styles. Heavy and special attacks are the first things you should know before you join Real Steel Boxing Champions fights. They are special moves that are combined from many different keystrokes. If you repeatedly press a simple key, you'll hate creating weaknesses for your opponent to exploit. Multiple consecutive attacks limit liability and deal more damage. As mentioned above, hits aimed at the head do the most damage. Therefore, a critical hit on these two parts can instantly knock down the opponent. There are long matches, and you win the opponent by slowly draining their health; Finishers will make your match much nicer.


Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD features:

Unlimited Money: The MOD version helps you easily upgrade your robot by giving you unlimited money. Just download and use the MOD version. You have the opportunity to create Real Steal's most powerful robot.

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