Raidfield 2 Online WW2 Shooter v9.293 MOD (Infinite Bullets) APK

Descriptions :

Raidfield 2 Online WW2 Shooter turns you into brave soldiers to destroy all enemies. This game has been designed to be suitable for all ages and free to use to stimulate everyone's gaming needs. When you get into this world, everyone will experience many different challenges and you will win many different rewards. Depending on the level, you will get many gifts from the manufacturer along with network equipment with higher damage.


Raidfield 2's battles give you a set of daily objectives that you must complete in order to win the reward. Here you will be the ones who rush straight into battle, equipped with guns, tanks and planes to destroy the enemy and maintain achievements. Don't worry. You will have eight other companions, each fighting different battlefields.

Four types of combat vehicles are deployed in each person's hands, originating from many different countries such as USA, Russia, Japan and Germany. In the conquest battle, you have to go straight with your brothers to win and conquer three or more regions on the battlefield. In addition, you can use the types of destructive wars you have collected to defeat your enemies.


Joining the army of Raidfield 2 will grant you a total of 42 achievements, ranging from minor to major honors depending on the difficulty of the challenge. As for the general part, you get 30 positions corresponding to 30 different ranks. And the development of the character includes 150 levels, which increase with each battle. Not only that, after each screen you earn more points as your achievements are completed. Designers have provided players with multi-style battlefields, world wars, tanks and bombers. You can now destroy all houses on the map. The special feature: You can develop types such as soldiers, tanks... with the points you have won. So you can be the soldier everyone is looking for.


In this world of soldiers, you can share them with many friends to make them good brothers or teammates to go to the battlefield. Let's become an alliance from now on, so all enemies have to be on their guard!

Features :

* You can play with your friends.
* You can control tanks, planes and turret vehicles.
* Customizable soldier
* Daily Goals
* 16 weapons and +40 skins
* 8 different battlefield heroes
* Legendary battles in WW2
* 4 types of combat vehicles from different countries: USA, Russia, Japan and Germany!
* In Conquest mode, you must advance your unit to win the battle and conquer the three regions on the battlefield.
* With the war supply points you win on the battlefield, you can use the destructive war vehicles on the battlefield.
* World war polygon style battlefields
* With tanks and bombers you can destroy all houses on the map.
* You can develop your soldiers, tanks and planes with war

Raidfield 2 Online WW2 Shooter MOD features:

Infinite Bullets

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