Raft Survival Multiplayer v10.6.0 MOD (Free ads to get rewards) APK

Descriptions :

Raft Survival: Multiplayer - Survival simulator with multiplayer and classic draw. In the story, the hero who will guide the player survives in a plane crash over the ocean. A few other passengers also survived during the crash. By combining efforts with them, the user must build a raft from existing rubble and rubble, and then constantly improve it. While sailing the boundless open seas, the character must catch passing crates that can be valuable items. Also, the survivors must fend off the attacks of bloodthirsty sharks to search for food.


The process in which players begin to launch Raft Survival Multiplayer is the time the system records and analyzes the information you provide. In the end, you get ownership of a large island. This is the starting point for your development. Concrete plans and productive work schedules are proposed. Your task is to gather resources to start. The necessary items will be scattered on many islands. You can walk on your island and search or organize boat trips to other islands. Your arduous journey will not be alone if you have friends.


Raft Survival Multiplayer allows players to perform crafting activities to build the most sturdy boat. You can build a small boat from wooden sticks. But as the level grows you can replace them with other bigger boats. We keep in mind for you that the larger the building, the more wood and other materials will be needed. Their main activity is gathering and building.

Machines are created little by little. But first you need a place to rest. Let's build your house from the collected items. It may look monstrous, but this is your kingdom. Tasks that need to be completed appear as notifications in your inbox. The build list limits what you can do. Only when players reach a certain level can they build larger structures and new types of machines. Orders from many places come to you; You need raw materials from the kingdom. And you have many opportunities to increase your income!


There are two main modes under the management of Raft Survival Multiplayer. Try your hand at the simple game mode first, which involves you and your friends. A small team will be more productive than you are alone. In addition, doing group work will also help you earn solid achievements on the leaderboard. Also, players can participate in multiplayer mode to explore the busy life on the central island. You can meet more friends and gain more experience to develop your island.

Raft Survival Multiplayer offers an incredibly realistic desert island survival experience. Players start their journey with the simplest items they have collected at sea or on many islands. The guaranteed number of wooden slats and screws makes it easy to build any building. Let's not just stop there, but continue to expand the country and produce goods for orders. There are some difficulties such as B. Lack of material or large-scale attacks by the opponent. You have hours to enjoy your new island life!

Features :

* Develop a journey of ocean exploration, island survival and many other adventurous activities. Players freely choose the mode to discover their own story in this extreme survival game.
* Start assembling and forming stable boats for the journey ahead. Gather the necessary items to build and enjoy the diverse resources of the island you live on.
* Do the work of an architect, carry out various complete constructions and start producing goods for your empire. The different incoming shipments must be loaded with the required goods.
* Develop the land and protect your buildings from dangers from many different forces. The system calculates the number of losses to make it easier for you to repair your base.
* Plunge into the game as a player in different modes, discover what is special about the experience mode with friends, enjoy the fun of playing with many people and experience other new modes.

How to Download and Install Raft Survival Multiplayer?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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