Proton Bus Simulator Road v142 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Proton Bus Simulator Road allows players to entertain themselves with great driving content, end their work day with some passenger bus rides and get profit from it. Players choose any bus from the collection and drive it through different stations. Your passengers will wait in multiple locations marked on the map and will become the default route. Each trip will leave you with many great experiences in dealing with bad weather.


In order for you to have a good experience of the great rides on Proton Bus Simulator Road, the system has continuously recorded and improved player ratings. Each bus design is newly added in batches of updates, and more exciting content has been added to give you more ways to experience. The arch system develops new textures to create a unique space, and the main representative is the addition of a number of new locations in the itinerary.

In addition, players can improve the game performance in many ways themselves. The results will surprise you if you change the resolution and reduce it by a few percent. Everything loads faster and is more accessible through an interface that can't respond to requests in a timely manner. Try disabling some features you don't use in the game settings. maybe that will work. Also distance and increased stats if reduced by a few units.


The system will provide you with a list of buses used on Proton Bus Simulator Road. Players are free to decide on unlocked cars. The remaining cards will be used if you complete all the challenges in a few rounds. The system also allows players to enhance their appearance and controllability to suit your experience. The car is switched to new colors, are they enough to make you happy?

Players can watch everything that happens in first person. At a fixed position in the driver's seat of the bus, you will in turn observe the map and route and wait for the pickup time. In order to have a safe drive, players must have experience driving through bumpy roads, arches and many other weather-related situations. Your screen will show the steering wheel and some virtual control buttons that you can use.


The tasks that are assigned to you in Proton Bus Simulator Road are quite extensive. You have to work harder to repair single deck bus from single deck bus. The pickup process is also easier, with more passengers per trip. Players receive information about how many passengers will board the next trip. You can also get information about the stop by looking at the map. Everything is noted on the city map.

The journey never ends; You will be the one connecting the places that are not seamlessly connected. A tourist group was waiting at the airport, more passengers at the nearby bus station, and the arrival of some unexpected guests. Along the way, you will feel the driver's critical mission; You have to be more careful in every action. Watch everything before you decide to accelerate.


Proton Bus Simulator Road is both a fun game to entertain during breaks and a good practice to familiarize you with the driving position. The situations that arise in the game will let you gain more experience for the journey ahead. Great rewards accompany some of the tasks assigned to you. In addition, players can also hunt for more incentives during event occasions. We create the best conditions for you to drive and do the hard work of a bus driver.

Features :

* Exciting driving activities are offered in the form of completed missions and a list of bus stops and destinations will be sent to you.
* The map is an integral part of every trip; You will quickly find out your next destination by reading and paying attention to the markers on the map.
* Discover more new content, including impressive cars and many distant lands. They have guests who are interesting in their stories.
* Build your achievement system by participating in our activities, recording your score and earning more rewards for your quests.
* Develop bus driving skills, complete driving and ownership duties of beautiful car collection. Opportunity to become the king of the street with your collection.

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How to Download and Install Proton Bus Simulator Road?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.