Potion Punch v7.1.4 MOD (Unlimited gold coins/diamonds) APK

Potion Punch v7.1.4 MOD (Unlimited gold coins/diamonds) APK

Arcade , Games

Developer :
Monstronauts Inc.

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Descriptions :

Potion Punch (Unlimited Money) - a fun arcade game with elements of an economic simulator, in which you need to control a cafe with magic drinks. In general, the gameplay is made in the usual style, combining ingredients, creating new types of magical and magic drinks and cocktails, inventing new recipes, trying to surprise visitors. Despite the fact that the gameplay is generally quite simple, the game lags for long hours and beautifully drawn graphics, a fairy-tale plot and a huge selection of different recipes play an important role.


In order for players to be creative and not get bored, this time Potion Punch 2 has brought a lot of challenges and complex tasks for everyone. Each challenge becomes a whole new experience with many unique foods and drinks to explore. Materials have also been improved and are of much better quality, from rare creatures to ancient ones. You may find them bizarre and scary, but your customers enjoy them.

All the ingredients are displayed in front of you, making it easy for you to observe and choose the dish you want to prepare. Customers come in and your task is to fulfill all their desires by preparing the right dishes that they want. The dishes here are all very new to you and you've never seen them in a game, so you'll have to be sharp and guess what ingredients you need to make this dish. However, so that you don't face too many difficulties, the game comes with a detailed guide at the beginning that you need to learn.


Since this isn't exactly an ordinary restaurant with familiar dishes like hamburgers, beefsteak or attractive drinks that you often see in other games, there will be some surprises. You wouldn't believe these weird ingredients can create a dish, and it's a very eye-catching dish too. There are some things that you will recognize the first time you see them and there will be others that you cannot guess what it is.

They are ingredients harvested from distant and mysterious lands, so they are quite rare, but they are very attractive when combined into a dish. That attracts many customers to your restaurant just to experience delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs. The ingredients look pretty spooky at first, but in your hands it will be the culinary quintessence.


Whether a restaurant has been around forever or is famous and known to many people depends in part on the number of customers that come each day. Not only does it help improve your restaurant's reputation, but it's also a great source of income. So always make your beloved guests happy so that they can visit again and again.

Each customer has an energy bar at the top so you can easily see how happy they are. You wait while you cook, and if you do it for too long, the energy bar starts falling. By the time it's gone, they can't wait any longer and leave with a very annoying attitude. Try to get everything done as quickly as possible so your customers don't have to wait too long to enjoy a dish.

Come to Potion Punch 2 to become a professional manager of your restaurant and prepare many delicious dishes with extraordinary ingredients. Bring your restaurant to more people and have the opportunity to open more branches by delighting your customers.

Features :

* Become the manager of a large restaurant chain founded by the owner.
* At the same time, one of the main chefs manages the dishes that can be served to the guests.
* Many kinds of fancy foods and drinks are constantly created to satisfy the customers.
* The given game tasks are very diverse and you will be the one who has to complete them the fastest to keep the customers happy.
* The game's graphics are designed in a fun, colorful and entertaining cartoon style.
* Color based gameplay (loosely based on color theory)
* An endless array of potion possibilities created through a combination of essences, gels, accompaniments and magic runes
* A variety of customers of different races with different tastes
* Special VIP customers and personalities
* 7 unique locations
* Hundreds of upgrades
* Hours of FUN!

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