PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator v2.13.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) : a very popular game in which you become a famous video blogger, create your videos and upload them to your channel. Become popular and become the star of YouTube. Gather a large number of fans and fans and try to bypass the most famous ones, occupy the first places in popularity and earn good money for it, for which you can buy yourself new and more powerful gadgets and equip your room. A fun PewDiePie Tuber Simulator mod apk game for those who like to always be the center of shooting.

Game inspired by a real YouTuber

When you mention PewDiePie, nobody in the world of streamers/youtubers and gamers doesn't know him. With an attractive appearance, cute actions, and a super smart brain, PewDiePie has built a powerful empire for his million-viewed YouTube channel. From the initial strength of games, PewDiePie has now covered almost all entertainment topics in general and has garnered the most fans and views of any YouTuber.

Thanks to this constant movement, boundless creativity and rare charismatic talent, PewDiePie not only thrived on the YouTube battlefield, but also created the appeal that would later inspire all "sequel" products. Typical of this are the game series that begin with the word "PewDiePie".

And the following is a review of the PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator game.
A fun game with exciting, detailed simulations thanks to the special "adviser" character

There have been games about the life of this famous YouTuber, there are also games that use the character picture to do fun things like PewDiePie's real personality, but PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator is completely different. This is a real simulation game that recreates the whole process of becoming a famous YouTuber.

In a cramped, needy and aging space, as a future YouTuber, under the enthusiastic guidance of "mentor" PewDiePie, you begin everything you need to launch your career path. The first thing you get without spending any money is a small webcam. You start creating your first video and officially become an aspiring YouTuber.

Hone your skills and rise to another YouTuber tier

With the number of viewers and subscribers, you generate a small profit, which then gradually increases from your posted videos. This income is used to upgrade equipment and supplies for the job. You will then continue to create higher quality and more attractive videos every day. The circle continues, and if you stick it out to the end, you'll one day become an adversary to your very own advisor, PewDiePie.

The key to success lies in choosing a theme based on the suggestions from the trends section mentioned above. Choosing a good topic with a high trend score will help you capture public opinion better and the road to success will be smoother. Currently in the game there are 10 main themes you can choose from to create clips: Nature, Game, Comedy, Animals, Music, Lifestyle, Science, Sport, Beauty and Horror.

Completing a video gives you views and a skill level increase (in a meter called Wisdom Tree). Each increased skill later brings high applicability to the clip creation process. For example, if you increase your sense of humor and keep choosing a highly entertaining topic, you will create an explosion in the number of views and comments. Note that views are also an important score.

Features :

Discover your YouTuber dream life

For the first time, gamers can now experience the life of a YouTuber in the most realistic and fun way. Use your great creativity to create great videos that attract viewers. And don't think of fooling your users with misleading titles, as that won't get you very far. Gather a certain number of dedicated fans, provide regular content and become an official YouTube partner.

Earn money as a successful YouTuber and enjoy a fulfilling life. Buy equipment, furniture and expand your workplace. Collect epic clothes and costumes to dress up your YouTuber any way you like. Choose the best combinations and hit the internet. You can even get a pet, any pets if you want.

Real voice acting from your favorite PewDiePie

And what do you know, we even have our PewDiePie characters voiced by PewDiePie himself. Enjoy playing this amazing game and interact with your favorite YouTuber in many ways. Endorse his videos to outdo the "evil" TeaSeries or claim #1 YouTuber ranking for your own channel.

Face epic quests and earn varied prizes

As you progress, you will be introduced to epic quests that you can participate in to speed up coin collection. Earn valuable prizes and shorten your path to success. Also, there is a chance that you can collect unique prizes that are not available anywhere else.
Customize your room and share it online

And what's the point of decorating your rooms with new gadgets and furniture if you can't show them to the virtual world? Aside from that, it's also fun to share your room with viewers on the internet. Let the whole world see your incredible room.

Follow and support your favorite YouTube player

Aside from PewDiePie, the game also offers many amazing YouTube channels made by real gamers. Help them win the weekly events by voting. You can also make friends with other content creators on the internet. Make friends with some of the most interesting people.

Play the game with your friends and interact with each other

In this game, players will be introduced to exciting gameplay with your friends. Connect with friends, send and receive gifts, rate each other's channels and so on. You can also cooperate with each other and produce videos.

Compete with friends in the exciting survival arena

The game also allows you to challenge your friends in the survival arena. Experience unique gameplay as you win against your friends and earn the opportunity to brag about it on Facebook.
Enjoy the unique mini game

Besides the addictive YouTuber simulations, players can also access several mini-games on their devices. Buy your favorite games, experience them, and maybe you could write some reviews about the games and let others know what you think about them. Have fun creating video game content with Puggle, Crainac and so on.

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