Off The Road OTR Open World Driving v1.12.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving (Unlimited Coins) - become the king of off-road, drive in the most impassable places, do incredibly dangerous stunts. The faster you pass a certain section of road, the more stars and fame points you earn. Try not to leave the wheels on the road, because the car has a property and falls apart right on the track. And high-quality graphics with incredible special effects and breathtaking explosions will conquer you from the first minutes of the game. Discover new vehicle types and always be ahead of your opponent.

Serious yet fun driving, can you believe it?

There is no shortage of good 3D simulation racing games, there are even many games that fulfill their role so well that players feel like they are in real life on attractive racetracks. But most of these games come with some serious sophistication. That means a complete lack of humor and funny situations.

So I tried to search on google and asked if there is a 3d racing game that has an exciting scene, good simulation but bunch of funny situations? Then I immediately got the answer called "Off The Road".

Talk a little about Off-the-Road (aka Off-Road, or OTR for short). It drives into areas with no main roads, only trails and pristine landscapes like the coast, forest trails, suburban roads leading to creeks... The common point is that the roads are mainly for walking with bumpy, dangerous terrain.

It's worth mentioning because these difficult details always happen, along with many vehicle types and countless types of free control in the simulation space to interact with the terrain. So it's not clear whether intentionally or unintentionally, Off The Road has become very funny. You will laugh many times playing this exciting game.

OTR with what vehicle in Off The Road?

Like the OTR formula in real life, off-road vehicles have large wheels, the front wheel is extra large, the rear wheel is usually smaller to help the vehicle regain its balance quickly in situations. The motor is small, but every detail is extremely durable, extremely sensitive and works like a monster. So they can confidently advance to conquer all roads.

In this game you drive pickup trucks with high-rise aggressive looks like Lamborghini, BMW or Audi. Then you can drive the car that can drive on water or even an epic helicopter. In general, traffic in this game is not too much, only 41 species. But which one is worth it, climb the pass and cross the creek very well.

One point I like about playing Off The Road is that if you get bored of that car on the go and there's another car in front of you, you can leave one and switch to another, which both changes the experience and is more suitable for the current terrain. In general, it's free to drive, get in the car, get on a boat, explore the island, take a helicopter, block the way to change trucks, or even if you're bored, you can walk around to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Do what you want. That's the interesting thing about this game.

Easy handling

Regardless of the vehicle, driving is easy. The controls all appear on the screen. Navigation is on the left, brake and gas pedal on the right. Depending on the terrain and tricky situations, smoothly switch between gas, roll, acceleration and braking in the right place to meet each challenge. For example, when crossing a mudslide, it is not enough to accelerate, you must also combine it with appropriate pauses in order not to sink deep and slowly gain momentum.

On the road that crosses the site, we sometimes also get free special items such as equipment, car repair equipment, etc.

Features :

* Experience realistic racing tracks and play with multiple modes to explore all kinds of licensed vehicles. The player must complete the task set by the system for the vehicle.
* The updated version brings a lot of new content and notable changes in the journey of vehicle drivers. These timely improvements make it easier for players to interact with the system.
* The mission of driving on rough terrain is one of the complex missions of the game. In addition, you can participate in a speed race with many other players in a flexible space.
* Players can expand their vehicle collection and add new cars, large boats, and even planes with transport capabilities beyond your expectations.
* Many tasks related to the transport of food and goods are carried out on many types of terrain such as over mountain trails, swamp routes or both in the air and in the water.

Off The Road MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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