Odysseus Kosmos Point & Click v1.0.32 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Descriptions :

Welcome to a journey to explore the world through the lens of a very unique and mysterious spaceship. Odysseus Kosmos will take you to discover mysteries and many wonders everywhere. This is a scoped game on a spaceship going back in time and the extraordinary thing is that this journey has not found a destination and a safe landing point. This adventure promises players completely new and exciting experiences.


The fun of this game is to get inspiration for an adventure ride. Players play the role of our main character, Dr. Odysseus Kosmos, and are accompanied by a robot named Barton Quest. This event is worth noting as this spaceship is the product he built as well as this service robot which he also created with his own hands. The robot will accompany us throughout the game and will help us a lot later. The two tested the spacecraft together, but unfortunately fell into a space wormhole. This deep hole is difficult to overcome. This time-lapse was indeed a gamble and put his life on the line. If we don't find the code to control the ship's direction or don't have the help of other ships, this adventure will end in great failure.


That's a big question for us. But then everything has other directions and solutions. Let's use our own intelligence to decipher symbols or complete challenges to bring the ship back to our world. The robot will always accompany players in trouble and will be the inspiration for them to overcome the challenge. In Odysseus Kosmos you will be presented with many challenges to solve in order to return the ship to its correct orbit. The most famous is the game of assembling pieces to break them horizontally and vertically as indicated. Check the ship parameters and update them as soon as possible. Regularly check the internal motors and inspect your robot to ensure it is always in top condition.


This trip offers you experiences that are both interesting and rewarding. The emotions are obvious, such as B. worry about the direction of the ship or moments of satisfaction when challenges are met in the most favorable way. Exploring space through the prism is also one of the most exciting things that the journey offers you. You are accompanied by a good and intelligent robot that will be a familiar to us when we are too lonely and lonely. An exciting life full of adventures in Odysseus cosmos and experiences that will make you more mature than ever. Odysseus Kosmos & robot Quest-Point and Click Game As a result, Odysseus Kosmos left many positive reviews about the creation and the idea of ​​building the game. Fun and exciting challenges are included in the game; You'll have to use your understanding to absolutely decipher them. Many beautiful things are waiting for you in this game, experience and feel.

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