Occupation 2.5 v3.0.1 MOD (Unlimited Money/Ammo) APK

Descriptions :

Cast 2.5 - zombie third-person shooter that will appeal to fans of similar games. The Grund, a cryogenic company engaged in the freezing of humans, decided to take part in the experiment and the beginning of the Krishna retreat. However, almost everyone who was resting turned into zombies. Now the mutants broke free and started terrorizing the nearby village. In the role of one of the residents of the village, the user will destroy the walking dead. To this he will be places scattered by firearms.


Cast 2.5 has a large world and uses the context of the current world, but has many different areas, including terrain and structures, for players to explore and use in the survival process. Also, the game will employ a day and night cycle mechanism, creating many dangerous elements in many different timelines. The obvious in this world are the important places to trade items or gather resources, but that's up to the players, and they can unlock new potential. Also, the random spawning of items provides players with an endless source of gathering, but they must constantly move and survive for surprises in the future.


Gameplay and features are all about a continuous action style with a perfect mix of slow and fast paced. Depending on the situation, players choose effective survival methods themselves, and even have to make many decisions in interaction with the environment to complete countless tasks and more. Not only that, the game will also support many special features and abilities throughout the gameplay that will allow players to use many hidden potentials to resist the fierce attacks of monsters. In addition to monsters, enemies such as bandits, scavengers, or human-like creatures can fight against the player, creating invisible pressure as they explore the world.


Players will encounter hundreds of different monsters or enemies and only the best gear can save them. Therefore, Occupation 2.5 introduces a number of special gear or tools that players can use to survive, including a research system based on progress or resources they gather along the journey. Depending on the type of equipment, the player must have the right ammo or materials to operate it. This is the general and absolute rule when looking for the right materials for finishing. But that's not all, players can build many important crafting facilities, giving them access to more advanced and modern equipment.


In a desolate and post-apocalyptic world, interacting with survivors leads to many positive outcomes for survival. Cast 2.5 has an extensive system for all of the player's characters, including how each character affects the overall scores or many other factors. In addition, with continuous action by players, it is possible to build a large and strong community little by little, giving players many opportunities or new directions for development. However, they can face many dangers, but they help to expand the community and gather equipment or resources. Cast 2.5 Cast 2.5 has many distinctive and familiar elements of a survival action game, but combines many elements to take your exploration to new heights. Also, it promises countless fascinating and exciting experiences as players continuously explore a large open world and collect many characters for their community.

Features :

* Help humanity fight aliens who want to take over the world as their territory.
* The righteous representative destroys zombies, monsters and hundreds of governments working with aliens to destroy the peace.
* Meet and attack unlimited arms dealers along with the spawning of thousands of loyal mercenaries to crush you.
* The task of saving lives is placed above the collective task of history when it is possible to find and correct the scientists' mistakes.
* Enjoy the falling night and the bright light thanks to the day-night cycle system that gives you the feeling of being in real life.

Occupation 2.5 MOD Features:

You earn more money after killing monsters in the game.
You can shoot as you like in the game, the number of bullets will always increase, not decrease.

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