Nuclear Sunset Survival in post apocalyptic world v1.3.7 MOD (Free Shopping) APK


Immerse yourself in the world destroyed by nuclear war! Survive if you can between mutants, radiation, hunger and bloodthirsty enemies in a post-apocalyptic world. Surviving Nuclear Sunset isn't that easy. Think of yourself first, but don't forget your fellow survivors who were also unlucky in this apocalypse. Full freedom of action, many quests, as well as a big world full of dangers, hiding places, secrets... A lot of useful things are placed in abandoned houses.

Use what is left after the nuclear war 50 years ago. This survival offline game has many weapons - knives, axes, bows, crossbows and even firearms. You have the opportunity to change your way of completing quests: use melee weapons, shoot with hand-made weapons or shoot with snipers. But don't think that everything is easy to get. To get really good weapons and armor, you have to buy them. It is necessary to upgrade your gear to survive. Earn local currency after the apocalypse - matchboxes, completing quests, hunting and trading with your fellow tribesmen. Good luck on nuclear battlefields.

After the nuclear war, life together became true survival. The apocalypse destroyed modern civilization but not humanity. There is a long history of living in destruction. People left cities because they were radioactive. Nuclear Sunset is a survival game in the post-apocalyptic world with numerous dangers like contagion, killing wild beasts, crazy people and closed radioactive death zone. It works offline. Your comrades who survive in this wasteland only leave their camp in daylight. And you must too! You can sleep in the camp. You'll also find tribesmen there to trade with. The story revolves around the war between two communities fighting over fertile land and safe buildings.

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