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Nobodies After Death -
Enjoy refreshing and interesting gameplay in Nobodies, in which you have the unique task of hiding and disposing of the corpses of recently killed targets. Here you must use your knowledge and ingenuity to eliminate all evidence, stay away from the warnings of others and eliminate any leads that could lead back to you.

Find yourself in the fantastic and exciting adventures in Nobodies while taking part in a series of fascinating events. Discover the captivating stories and have fun playing. Interact with the environment, talk to people, combine objects with each other and so on. There are many interesting things to do in these point and click mobile titles.

In the game, Android gamers have access to the simple yet extremely addictive puzzle-solving gameplay while discovering the exciting and immersive stories and events in the game.

It all begins in 1955 when the Secret Service launches its illicit program involving inhumane experiences using real tests on human subjects. But in 1975, the program was leaked to the public, causing serious tension in society. Therefore, the government must fire its leading scientists who have been involved in this program.

After that, a group of fundamentalists hired these scientists to work on their own extermination plans. Knowing this, the government decided to eliminate the group dubbed the Q-100. After the events, there will be many dead and corpses that need to be taken care of.

Here, you play as a "cleaner" who is hired by an unknown government organization to do the unique "cleaning jobs". Using your interesting skills in the cleaning companies, you have to invade certain places and take out the corpses that are left behind after the killer has done his job. And remember, nobody can know what you are doing.

The quality of assassination remnants clearance in Nobodies: After Death is always a must and offers exhilarating gameplay in return. To do this, people must always study their surroundings, exploit all the elements and even accidentally make corpses disappear. The game also introduces a series of addictive point-n-click puzzle challenges and offers plenty of exciting entertainment potential for players.

Disposing of corpses is an intriguing and dramatic mystery where even the smallest of things can cause the player's service to go under. Therefore, they must always prioritize the most suspicious things and items and then handle them properly so that the police do not suspect them. All puzzles are highly interactive with the environment, giving players more opportunities to work more flexibly and perfectly than usual.

The puzzles or works of the player have a complex structure and depth, and Nobodies: After Death complicates things with small objects in the environment. Players can also use them for many other things, like cleaning up corpses and disabling all tracking to avoid detection. You can combine multiple items to create a perfect combo that will help the player unlock mechanisms for ideal corpse handling.

Some unexpected situations will happen during the work, and it is also an opportunity to create new mini-games for players to enjoy. They all follow many complex yet straightforward concepts and take a lot of time, but their value and results are rewarding in keeping people going. Additionally, some jobs would become a chain of quests, making disposing of a corpse more complicated and time-consuming.

The graphics quality in Nobodies: After Death is also top-notch when everything is rendered so realistically and vividly down to the smallest detail. It makes players more immersive as they can perform various tasks flexibly, conveniently and brilliantly, and even helps them avoid suspicion if they handle everything neatly. Additionally, some mechanics also have many unique visual interpretations that players can make the most of while dealing with corpses.

The world of assassins always loves revenge, or the way of killing is flashy and full of art. As such, players are sometimes required to complete tasks that meet previously assigned requirements, including covering up, disposing of bodies, and accidentally blaming others, but for many reasons. Depending on the type of plan that the player creates in each puzzle, the game holds many nice rewards for him after completing the job.

Nobodies: After Death is one of those games full of entertainment and attraction as it takes the puzzle element to new heights. In addition, players have the opportunity to experience the simple, yet complex and inaccessible job, no matter how many skills they have.

* Lots of new murders to cover up: Use everything at your disposal to hide the evidence.
* Packed with puzzles: Each mission has different challenges to solve, from classic inventory puzzles to unique tricky tasks.
* Multiple Approaches, One Solution: There are many creative ways to fail each mission, sometimes spectacularly.
* Handcrafted Art: Over 100 hand drawn scenes to seek and explore.
* A Captivating Story: continues the captivating narrative of Nobodies: Murder Cleaner.

How to install Nobody's: After Death
Step 1: You need to download Nobodies: After Death (APK or MOD) version published by

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings, allow access to Nobodies: After Death game.

Step 3: Open Nobodies: After Death_MOD_apkcap.apk file. Click Install.

Step 4: After successful installation, click on the game's icon to enjoy it immediately.

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Nobody's: After Death is an adventure game with a great puzzle element that you should enjoy. Editor Blyts rendered the death scenes vividly by allowing special details to appear on-screen. All contribute to a harmonious overall picture that promises not to disappoint players.

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