My Hospital Build. Farm. Heal v2.2.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

My Hospital - mobile is a colorful arcade game in which the user is invited to become the manager of a modern medical center. The gameplay is designed to control the work of the hospital. First of all, the clinic will not be different from a wide range of treatment. But with the arrival of the first patients on the account, the currency that can be used to buy modern equipment will fall.

The construction of new premises, laboratories for drug development and research, centers for disease diagnosis and medical offices will surely attract a large number of people in need of quality treatment. Also with virtual money it is possible to develop new medicines and improve service quality to hire qualified doctors and staff.

Management is service friendly. The graphics are colorful and detailed. Is and syncs with social networks calling their friends into the game and interacting with other users. My Hospital - great arcade game that can drag on for a long time due to its good idea and quality implementation.


If a player wants to grow long-term or sustainably in My Hospital, laying the groundwork, including opening new boots or areas, is essential. Each location has its unique uses, and the decoration or design of the entire hospital is gradually becoming an important thing to optimize the spaces available. Players can also build more things to increase their income and even research new units or features to improve the overall quality of the hospital.


Besides the construction of the hospital, the game also offers many interesting puzzles with a friendly style to give everyone more entertainment while waiting. Puzzles also add materials or conditions needed to build or upgrade many things, including attracting more patients. The quality or creativity of the puzzles also change frequently based on everyone's progress, adding a lot of fun or entertainment to the intellectual challenge of all the problems.


The hospital expansion in My Hospital will affect many things in everyone's schedule, and most notably their architecture or performance. This gives players more opportunities to develop the hospital in many different directions and even open up new services or upgrades. In the future, structures or parts will be maxed out, giving the player a lot of exploration or progression with new parts or features that only appear in high-end hospitals.


Meeting friends or colleagues is also a relaxing gameplay activity, as each person has many different personalities or work styles. What's handy is that players can operate them directly and throw them into their respective departments to maximize the hospital's performance during business hours. Many characters also have stimulating and humorous stories to enhance the atmosphere in the hospital and provide more opportunities for players to unwind after stressful hours at work.


The decoration system is completely separate from the building system as its content is rich and can be applied to many different concepts for players to enjoy. Meanwhile, the designs, colors and general effects brought to the hospital are rich, allowing players to freely design or create many new things. It also helps to create a unique atmosphere for the hospital, for example by accelerating patient recovery or speeding up the production of new medicines.


Most high-end hospitals have dedicated areas where new drugs are researched, and My Hospital will implement a complex system for that. Players can combine many different ingredients and incubate them for a set amount of time to create new cures for many different patients. The amazing thing is that they can sell these funds to other hospitals and do business to increase the overall revenue for the development or expansion of their hospital.

My Hospital takes many familiar elements in a hospital and paints them in a novel color or style to help players relax and do things their own way

Features :

Lay the foundation of the hospital and design the plans for the future expansion that involve various arduous progressions and tasks.
Intriguing puzzles are scattered throughout the gameplay to please everyone through friendly yet intriguing styles that are far more entertaining than other games.
Improves everything for more performance and productivity to develop more potential in every department of a thriving hospital.
Meet new characters with intriguing stories and personalities to add to the fun and enjoyment as you assign them to their respective departments.
Decorate everything in the hospital to change the atmosphere, or create new vibes for specific departments with stacked effects from creations.

last words My Hospital Build. Farm. Heal

Developed by Cherrypick Games, My Hospital is a management game that simulates a hospital in which we'll treat strange diseases with elixirs. Build and manage a hospital structure with infirmaries, laboratories, offices, diagnostic rooms, treatment centers and all deployed staff.

Receive patients, diagnose the different diseases and carry out the right treatments. When caring for patients, we rely on plants with special properties. Cultivate and harvest to create specific concoctions for over 80 diseases.

My Hospital isn't all that refreshing compared to Theme Hospital. However, it seems to have a very special appeal. Using a long-awaited TV show-based storyline with a lot of mixed player reviews, but at least this combination offers a much more refreshing gameplay, which was never possible in previous games.

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How to Download and Install My Hospital Build. Farm. Heal?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.