Mr Meat Horror Escape Room v1.9.9 b33 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Mr Meat Horror Escape Room v1.9.9 b33 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Keplerians Horror Games

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Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room is a game that you cannot ignore if you are an avid fan of horror game genre mixed with attractive puzzle elements. Talking quietly about entertainment or relaxation will definitely not happen in this game, and it brings moments of extreme horror or sometimes goosebumps from overly creepy details. As long as you're confident enough to experience it, the game certainly won't let you down.

Keplerians Horror Games is a popular game publisher. They are loved by everyone for their horror games full of drama and realism. If you like the genre, you're probably familiar with the series Evil Nun and Ice Scream. Mr Meat is a mix of action, puzzle and horror genres. If you're looking for a tool for entertainment or relaxation, this game isn't for you. But if you're looking for a game that instills fear, surprise, and drama in every breath, Mr Meat will satisfy you even if you're a hardcore gamer.

Mr Meat is set during the zombie epidemic outbreak. Their city was affected, and some people became victims.

Mr Meat - the butcher is your neighbor. He was infected with the disease and became a zombie. His soul was lost, turning him into a serial killer who wanted to kill living creatures to sate his hunger. His house features a haunted house filled with corpses and even a place where the unfortunate people were kidnapped by him. Recently there was a serious criminal case involving a missing student. If you follow the clues, you will find Mr Meat's house. Now's your chance to confirm the rumors surrounding this house when your boss assigns you to investigate the schoolgirl case.

Without talking about the gameplay, but perhaps the storyline was a major factor that helped draw players to Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room from the start. You play as a young police officer, and you've just received a critical assignment from your superiors. In this case, it's about the disappearance of a schoolgirl and all the clues lead you to the final suspect, the butcher neighbor.

Back when it all started, your town was hit by a zombie apocalypse and everyone was affected, including butcher neighbor Mr. Meat. He has unusual markings and his house is like a place of rotting corpses. That's why you broke into this house to check everything and solve the student's case.

The spooky adventure has officially begun, and you will spend most of your time at this neighbor's house. You will go around looking for and rescuing the student who is being held somewhere in this house. However, because of you and his presence, you must move very gently and carefully. If you're spotted, run fast and find a hiding place.

The student will be locked somewhere in the house, and most importantly, the place will be changed after a period of time, so it will be difficult for you to predict. Never ignore a clue, even the smallest, because they are closely related. It will be a bit tricky at the beginning because not knowing where to start is quite confusing, but the more you play, the more you will know what to do.

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room requires players to have agility and puzzle-solving wits to find clues. Puzzles will be everywhere, and you will have to use your wits to find the answers. Not only that, you also need to find items in order to perform an action, e.g. B. a key to open a door or a letter with secret information.


* Join an arcade genre game that is very familiar but adds many features.
* The game is based on the storyline of a zombie slayer who is holding a girl to kill her anytime.
* The mission to save the girl from death in zombie butcher is now at your fingertips.
* Challenges are brought into the game in a puzzle style and you have to overcome all of them to save the other girl.
* The game focuses on investing in graphics and sound systems to provide a truly authentic experience.

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