Mr Bullet Spy Puzzles v5.31 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Mr Bullet Spy Puzzles v5.31 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Lion Studios

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Descriptions :

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles (Unlocked) - a puzzle with elements of physics and arcade, in which you play the role of a super agent and how to act, since your main task will be to save the world, and this can only be done in one wise by destroying all enemies in the location. But shooting at enemies with shots does not work, each shot needs to be planned and thought out, since the amount of ammunition is limited, and the development of events depends on each click of the trigger. In addition to the story missions, you have the opportunity to test your strength against the same spies as you, which makes the gameplay more exciting.

Recently, a new product from Mr. Bullet has just been released - Spy Puzzles, the publisher of which was released by Lion Studios. It is a game product that has been sorted into action categories and is currently ranked #2 for the past week. If more households came from fans, it might take first place next week. This is an anticipated success from publisher Lion Studios. Having previously released quite popular game products like Happy Glass and Cash, Inc Fame & Fortune Game, these products have gained fame and success and provided the manufacturers with a solid position.

Epic shooting puzzle game

Like its brothers, Mr. Bullet - Spy Puzzles has fairly simple graphics suitable for this type of arcade puzzle game. The player will quickly get used to it and will feel that it is these graphics that make the game easy. The puzzles will also become clearer thanks to this feature. Funny colors and landscapes are designed in such a way that players will not get bored of experiencing them for a long time. You can spend about 5 minutes playing it during lunch break or even on a lazy Sunday to get through as many stages as possible. In general, today it's an interesting choice between a lot of terrible graphics and demanding gameplay. Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles (MOD, Cash/Tickets/Star) The gameplay is quite simple, so you will quickly get used to it. Even a child understands it in a split second. First, you get a hero, spy, or legend mission. With each name you have to fight to destroy the world harmful target. Your opponent will be incredibly diverse and powerful, including those with supernatural powers like zombie, villains with martial arts like ninja, or even spies from rival factions. You will be a shooter, use your shotgun to shoot down the pre-agreed enemies on the map. There are two factors to consider when engaging in a firefight. The first is the number of balls restricted to different levels depending on the difficulty of the obstacles. The second thing to worry about is the complexity that the map offers you.

Destroy them all and save the world!

Your sphere follows the same mechanism as light reflection. This means that when it hits the wall, it can be thrown in a different direction. You can see if it works the same way as a game of billiards, but with Bullet Speed ​​it flies much faster. Please calculate in such a way that the ball can hit exactly at the right angle in order to defeat the opponent hidden behind obstacles. Later, your opponents will become stronger and stronger; They will have their own twist. In addition to weapons, you also have the help of grenades.

Features :

Become a super agent and defeat all your enemies

First off, in Mr Bullet, Android gamers can find themselves in their own exciting puzzle adventures, becoming a super agent and taking out all the bad guys while trying to save the world from their evil plans. And unlike most other shooter titles that let you roam the map freely and engage in pure shooter experiences, the game offers players a much more refreshing and unique approach with its tactical shooter gameplay.

A variety of different missions and challenges in the game

And to get you going, Mr Bullet welcomes Android gamers through a variety of different in-game missions that take place in multiple locations and feature unique setups. Play as a world class super spy and agent as you defeat mobs, criminals, zombies and even aliens in your ultimate battles to save the world.

Immerse yourself in rich and fun gameplay with a variety of different in-game experiences. Take out enemies by using your environment and unleashing incredible shots. Rescue hostages from dangerous situations, eliminate enemies without harming innocents, and much more. The various missions with escalating difficulties will put your skills to the test.

Explore the unique levels with interesting setups

Speaking of which, as you explore the unique locations and embark on your new missions, players in Mr Bullet will also have access to the ever-changing environment settings. That said, each mission and level will have specific setups with unique objects and item placement that you can use to your advantage.

Make your bullet count as you unleash your accurate shots on your enemies. Solve specific puzzles in each level using the ricocheting bullets, dangerous explosive objects and heavy barrels that can crush your enemies at any moment. Create a unique chain reaction to effectively eliminate your enemies while advancing to the next levels.

The realistic physics in the game makes every shot extremely addictive

To make the game more interesting, Mr Bullet also allows Android players to fully immerse themselves in the fantastic gameplay thanks to the realistic physics. That said, your shoots require many key elements to be successful. Pay attention to the shooting speed, the timing of your shots and the surrounding objects while effectively taking out your enemies. Use the least number of shots and get the most out of your number of bullets. Earn three stars on all levels while unlocking special rewards.

Enjoy exciting gameplay with friends and online players

And for those of you who are interested, the game also offers exciting online gameplay for players from all over the world. That means it's totally possible to enjoy Mr Bullet with friends and online players whenever you're up for it. Feel free to face crazy PvP multiplayer matches as you compete against the top agents. Battle each other in hilarious scenarios and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Mr Bullet MOD features:

unlimited money
Skins unlocked

Last words

I like Mr Bullet very much. Each level only lasts about 10 seconds so it doesn't take up too much game time. With this game I can relax on the bus, during the break or with a cup of coffee. While not as stressful as traditional shooting games, spy agent missions can still leave you feeling "headaches" and brain-twisting. Using our Mr Bullet (MOD Unlocked) will help you to have a large amount of money with which you can unlock all the suits you want.

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How to Download and Install Mr Bullet?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.