Mr Autofire v2.3.3 MOD (one shot kill) APK

Mr Autofire v2.3.3 MOD (one shot kill) APK

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Developer :
Lightheart Entertainment

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Descriptions :

Mr. Autofire brings you the ultimate shooting experience and shoot down scary aliens. This is an action game with a unique combination of adventures and the player controls his character to explore the extraterrestrial world. The most exciting thing is that you will become the center of attention of these terrifying aliens and they will find ways to attack and destroy you. With superior shooting skills and high self-defense skills, it will be an exciting competition between you and the aliens. Let's fight to the end and get the victory for us.

Tons of weapons for you

To fight each monster, our warriors must be equipped with many weapons. The weapons and abilities in Mr Autofire are unique. Each has its own expression of form, color and function. In the first few scenes everything is very simple like Fire Shot, Poison Shot, Fast Shot, Adrenaline, Death Blast Destruction Bomb...

Later, when the enemy is larger and their rate of fire increases, you will also get obviously more sophisticated equipment, like the ability to jump three times than normal (Triple Jump), attach feathers to the legs to launch higher (Jump), Bubble Shield ( safety bubble), chain shot, buck shot, spread shot sniper…

In fact, the warrior character also has a few different skins to change his appearance like Firegirl, Scientist or Dwarf, but they are just for fun and don't affect the character's skills or strength.

I have a little secret for you if you play this game. Most enemies use the spread shot sniper rifle. The feature of these warheads is that when they come closer, they bunch up like punches, when they spread further, the distance between the bullets is greater. So don't be stupid to approach the enemy, stay a little far away so you can still easily dodge his bullets. You should make this a reflex, because when you go into the later parts, about a dozen monsters shoot at once, if you stand near them you just die.

The attraction lies in the movement and combat mechanism

Your task is simply to shoot, dodge, run back and forth, jump up and down. But the most important thing is how fast your reflexes are. In the first few scenes you can play comfortably and have tea, but in the 5th scene you might become a gamer with messy hair.

Why? Because there are more and more aliens separated in each corner, they can shoot fast with bullets flying everywhere. Every corner begins to be densely filled with iridescent bombs. In this "bomb forest" you have to move enthusiastically and continuously in all directions to avoid both bullets and find a way to kill them one by one.

How about bosses in Mr. Autofire? Spring. Needless to say. Not only are they thicker than normal monsters, but they also fire quickly with lots of huge balls. Let's see how stubborn and calm you are. But remember that after killing the boss you will have a super big gift that is completely equivalent to the previous sweating, running and jumping and dodging.

As can clearly be seen, Mr Autofire is not only designed for you to hold a gun to do whatever you want, but it also challenges you in patience, observation, judgment and quick, skillful reflexes.

Use only one control button for all character movements on mobile screens. You don't need to aim, load ammo or anything else. Everything is automatic. The gun can fire continuously, and the bullets are plentiful and never run out. The task, which will take 90% of your time, is to run, jump and dodge the alien monsters' bullets.

The game is purely a reflex game, with the level of difficulty increasing, more stressful and more confusing. The challenge for you is sobriety and composure. Only with these two things you can overcome everything (of course, if you master the basic operations in the game).

graphics and sounds

The design of everything from characters, alien monsters, weapons to the surrounding landscape is very simple, nothing special. But the colors are so bright and beautiful that they don't create any gloom or pressure when playing. As a result, Mr. Autofire is extremely entertaining and enhances the main character's movement, combat, and evasion mechanics.


Mr. Autofire MOD function:

A hit
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MOD version not working?

In order for the one hit feature to work, you need to do the following:

Install the game as usual.
Complete the tutorial.
Complete the game after the first level.
Reopen the game.

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