MotorBike Drag Racing Game v2.0.7 MOD (Unlimited Nitro) APK

MotorBike Drag Racing Game v2.0.7 MOD (Unlimited Nitro) APK

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Wolves Interactive

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Descriptions :

Who wants to experience the most realistic drag racing in motorsport history right on their phone? If that is you, then download Motorbike Traffic & Drag Racing for Android. This is definitely the game you should play!

Feel every last detail in real-time as you push your limits with this drag racing superbike experience. You will throw yourself behind dozens of amazing and crazy fast motorbikes and reach the Goa through every stage. What more could any speed demon ask for when trying to search while using their cellphone. Get the same adrenaline rush through your veins when you play this cool game!


If you're a speed lover, don't ignore MotorBike, a game that offers immersive big-displacement motorbike driving experiences. In particular, players will take part in different game modes, and each of them requires a certain requirement from the player that he must meet in order to complete the level. The viewing angle also changes depending on the mode you're participating in to give you the most realistic feel possible.

The first perspective you will find in this game is a first person perspective as you play as a motorcyclist trying to overtake vehicles to avoid an accident. At the same time, you can see the car's progress and race from the right angle of the car, and the two opponents will move parallel to each other until one car has the superior speed. You can also change the control method in the game options to get the right controls.


The first mode you will experience in MotorBike is Traffic mode, which will take you on completely realistic and challenging roads. In particular, you will try to achieve high speed and complete a specific request within a set time. In addition, you can also see vehicles appearing that you have to avoid to keep the level from looking back. It is a mode that requires the player's reflexes.

Players will continue to explore Drag mode, the mode commonly found in racing games. As mentioned above, the two riders are parallel to each other, and you need to touch the throttle to get the correct launch speed. After starting you will see a Shift key with a plus icon and when the speed bar reaches the green area you need to press the Shift key. This improves the car's speed and narrows the green area.

When it comes to a racing game, surely no player can ignore the use of Nitro. Nitro is used in both modes, becoming the mechanism that many people trust and use. Although it is only used for a short time, the car's speed can improve and become what will help you defeat the opponents in front of you. So you need to use nitro and combine these with a good speed boost.


If you experience MotorBike, you will surely be impressed by the different designs of motorcycles that you can unlock. While sharing the same controls, they offer players a variety of rides as they can have immersive experiences with different perspectives. Unlocking new cars can also help them overcome many other enemies due to their performance and can be improved in the future.

If you experience Traffic or Drag modes, you will inevitably fail at times when you cannot complete a mission for a while or are overtaken by enemies. Therefore, an upgrade is required and there are various parts that you can upgrade such as Engine, Nitro and many more. You can see the impact of these upgrades on components and consider which parts should be prioritized first.

Features :

* The game offers players two modes including traffic and drag modes that represent different challenges that they will overcome.
* Traffic mode focuses on the player's driving skills and reflexes as they try to beat the clock and avoid surrounding vehicles.
* Drag mode puts you in a speed match with another opponent trying to increase your driving speed to the highest level.
* The nitro system is essential in the two modes as it helps you increase your driving speed many times over in a short period of time for more chances of winning.
* Lots of motorcycles will be one of the reasons that will help you complete the level well and lots of upgraded parts can increase their performance.
* Multiple control modes: tilt, buttons and steering wheel
* Unlock motorcycles by collecting or buying blueprints
* Apply various upgrades to your motorcycle; Engine, Turbo, Wheels, Nitro, Brakes and Handling.
* Hit the gas and experience the thrill of handling a 400km beast.
* Different environment in daylight, sunset and night
* Variety of traffic vehicles: trucks, buses, vans, pickups, SUVs
* Use the Nitrous to get extra speed and win the challenges
* Smooth and realistic driving
* New realistic maps; Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, London and Los Angeles
* First person camera
* There are more than 10 different challenges from police chasing you, collecting maps on highway, achieve combo goal, achieve racer you follow in hunter challenge, overtake cars on * highway, speed up to Challenges to finish the race in a specified time and distance.

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