METEL HORROR ESCAPE v0.500 MOD (Unlocked/No ads) APK

METEL HORROR ESCAPE v0.500 MOD (Unlocked/No ads) APK

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Descriptions :

METEL HORROR ESCAPE - a very classic 1 person horror quest. According to the canons of the genre, the player will leave the house in which he lives a bloodthirsty madman who wants the main character dead. A distinctive feature of the game is that the title character is not alone in her troubles, because in the basement of the building there is another victim of the killer of a defenseless girl. Finding it, the protagonist must find a way out of the situation, since the girl cannot be left in the limbo of uncontrollable beasts.


METEL HORROR ESCAPE In this game you become a victim kidnapped by a violent pervert. So you're not going to advise him or speak to him appropriately, let go of that crazy intent. If you want to get rid of him, all you have to do is rely on your best friend's cleverness and agility to find a way out before he finds out you're trying to escape. When you enter the house you will be locked in an old sharp cage and the house you are locked in is quite messy and old with items scattered throughout the house. The layout of the house with many objects will help you in your escape.


METEL HORROR ESCAPE Opening before your eyes in the room of a dark wooden house, you will be locked in an iron cage in the corner. Luckily, the madman isn't around you all the time, and you need to open the iron cage and get out as soon as possible. They walk around the house trying to find items for themselves that will be beneficial in escaping. The house will have details like hammers, nails, screws or you will find notes with clues to escape. You will collect items without making any noise. Just a little noise, the mad killer will rush in; Unfortunately, some papers will notify you before the killer steps in and punishes you if he knows you're running away. So, in a short time, quickly return to the Iron Cage and close the Iron Cage by pretending nothing happened. If you are unlucky enough to leave a trail that you want to dig away from him, you will be attacked. He will use electricity like crazy to stab the iron cage to punish you. Thrilling and heartbreaking moments in METEL HORROR ESCAPE, right? METEL HORROR ESCAPE You have three escape attempts. During the game you can collect items and craft your own weapons. However, METEL HORROR ESCAPE will favor the element of "silent" action. The game encourages players to ignore the madman's confrontation and hide to avoid encountering them. And don't act stupid like one on one with a lunatic. You won't win against him. The game will increase the level of difficulty. There will be four levels. You will face different victim situation on each level and study victims story to play better. This is the best horror game for mobile. After entering this game world, you might have to stay up all night because you are still following the frames of the game.


METEL HORROR ESCAPE When you come to the METEL HORROR ESCAPE game, you will enjoy a super sharp three-dimensional HD space, extreme illustrations that bring a real feeling of playing the game, the exciting thrill to give the players emotions like in a whole run . The game presented in first-person is your perspective, so everything that happens before your eyes is self-explanatory and detailed. The sound you walk and make a sound like that. All mixed with the sound of progression to create a beautiful game that you can't miss.


METEL HORROR ESCAPE Over the last few years, the METEL HORROR ESCAPE game has been greatly improved, especially the graphics and various content. Earn a horror game made and loved on the phone. Horror games are dialogues that always carry a sense of fear and can express the extremely high level of tension and panic it gives you. But not so that this game genre has few players, but on the contrary, people want to find this feeling as a relaxation for themselves. And if you're a fan of this game series, download it and immediately immerse yourself in the equally spooky atmosphere of this horror game. It will be unfortunate if you haven't enjoyed this top notch game.

Features :

* The game's story begins when the player finds himself in a cage and his mission is to try to escape from the madman's house.
* Objects appear scattered throughout the room, and some are carefully observed to identify them and use the appropriate method to obtain them.
* Players will try to discover items within a limited time and store them in item slots for later use.
* Players will find a countdown timer that appears unexpectedly, showing how much time you have to hide from the maniac.
* There are many ways for the player to escape from this room: find objects to create a path and try to prevent the madman from entering the room.



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