METAL SLUG X v1.4 (Full) APK

METAL SLUG X v1.4 (Full) APK

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Descriptions :

Metal Slug X is a horizontal shooting game. This game has become a childhood legend for many people. It first appeared on the "Arcade machines" (Arcade machines) Neo-Geo and other SNK game systems. Metal Slug X was later ported on several other platforms such as PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Neo-Geo bag color and recently PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

Metal Slug X is popular with many people thanks to its simple gameplay, the quick rhythm and its funny and funny element.

Metal Slug X will inherit its predecessors with 2D graphics. Horizontal screen with a well -known classic action shooting gameplay. The players have to continuously shoot on enemies on the way, and at the end of every door the players have to face the boss.

On the way to the fight, players find many objects to improve weapons and tanks. In addition to shooting a weapon, you can also carry out a melee attack with a knife.

Another attraction of Metal Slug X is that it has different cards with settings such as forests, cities, valleys, canyons and military bases. Throughout the experience of Metal Slug X, players will challenge themselves through increasing difficulties and bring their balance, but also full of attractions.
Specifications of metal snails x


With regard to the plot, the game tells about the hiking falcon, which consists of 4 people. They were a small group of friendly soldiers who specialized in special missions. Here is the enemy of General Donald Morden with the well-known x-shaped shield. The wandering falcons have to stop the plot of a coup and conquer its world. Murder will also be the main boss during the entire action.

In addition to the old general, we also have a mighty arm of him, the Sergeant all is-a true sub-boss. He was a passionate struggle and a loyal supporter of murders during his search for the takeover of the world.

In addition, in the eyes of the fans the aliens (Mars people) together with supernatural characters such as snowmen such as zombies, carnivorous plants or mummies are also the highlight.

A world in which the war not only between people, between this and this strength, but in a world in which people start to disturb too deeply into the womb of the mother of the creator is dangerous everywhere. The danger is also the battlefield.

Features :

Attractive Gameplay

Metal Slug X has a tactical game layout. It is a simulation of the once-famous PC game that has boldly entered many young people’s memories. The player’s task is to command and use his soldiers against the onslaught of enemies to defend the castle firmly.

In addition to protecting their stronghold, the player must also use sensible tactics to control the soldiers to fight against the invaders. It creates challenges as well as excitement for players to defend while trying to defeat the enemy.

When you first enter the game, the game will have specific and detailed instructions to help new players get acquainted with the game easily and quickly understand the gameplay.

Experience Interesting Game Modes

With offline game mode, Metal Slug X gives players more than 100 levels of gameplay with different levels of challenge. They are all inspired by the original Metal Slug. With the massive game screen system above, you will feel too excited to conquer and thoroughly explore the challenges.

When the player’s phone is connected to the internet, the player can fight and compete directly with other players from all over the world from all regions. When you win, you will receive attractive rewards as well as accumulate numbers on the overall rankings. You can prepare in advance by choosing ten members for your squad.

Players can level up each member by paying the amount we can earn after each match. Besides special heroes, they have their weapons and activate them after a certain amount of time.

In addition to completing standard missions, fighting through each specified game screen, you can join to challenge other players through online competition mode. You can exchange and make friends with many people from all over the world.

Diverse Character System and Weapons

Metal Slug X offers players a diverse character system with more than 60 different types of troops to help users enjoy the choice of building their ideal team.

The proper use of the units, understanding them, and cleverly combining each individual’s strength to create overall strength will be critical in determining the player’s victory or defeat.

Each army is equipped with its unique abilities by the game publisher. For example, the attacker will run the vanguard and bomb the enemy, while the tank will wipe out all enemy soldiers on the road and explode when it meets the enemy base. You can unlock the character after each level or buy it by unlocking it in the store.

Other Support in The Game

The player may not need to use various types, use the units they love and understand it. Please upgrade to increase the strength to promote all the abilities that soldiers have.

Besides, with various tasks and weekly events every week with attractive gifts, it will also be an exciting attraction for players.

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