Merge Magic! v4.8.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Merge Magic! v4.8.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Games , Puzzle

Developer :
Gram Games Limited

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Descriptions :

Games belonging to the puzzle genre must have been a familiar concept to many gamers. Games of this type are always attractive to players because of the simple way of playing, but they contain a lot of secrets, challenges and force players to think and use a lot of logical tactics. The gameplay is quite attractive, but the difficulty and challenge in each puzzle is the point that makes many people dislike the puzzle genre. However, there are still some exceptional games. If you are a gamer who has a genuine interest in puzzle games, then in this article I will introduce you to an extremely attractive game - Merge Magic!. Developed under the magical hand of game developer Gram Games Limited, Merge Magic offers players a puzzle game with new gameplay, an immersive storyline with cute and extremely stunning graphics. The game promises players extremely satisfying moments in the magical world full of mysteries.


Players have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events that we regularly organize on a weekly and monthly basis. This place promises you many special surprises and fun. Here you will encounter many unique creatures that are becoming more and more diverse. This is a unique opportunity for players to conquer them and bring back their colorful garden.


On this challenging journey, you may even encounter many types of witches of the highest wicked. In order to be able to overcome them, proceed to the new area where the player can solve rich levels surrounding many difficult puzzles in levels ranging from easy to complex. If you win, you can return many unique items to the garden. This is the basis for the garden to grow and flourish as the basis for your prestige and power.


Unfortunately, the land of Merge Magic has been afflicted by a severe curse that has left everyone lost in the universe of space and time. You are considered the hero, the hope that can lift this curse. We'll give you an uncanny power to unlock the curse of discovering and conquering everything from eggs and trees to stars and treasure. Not only that, you also have access to mythical creatures with unique spells.


Many miracles are brewing before your eyes. You combine and incubate the eggs to hatch the most monstrous creatures possible. These are the mysterious things that Merge Magic offers to the players. From small creatures you can take care of in the garden of the fairy. This makes them much more robust to serve the player's great cause. More than 500 characters in more than 81 challenges will not let you down if you choose us!

Features :

Besides the innovative puzzle game, Merge Magic also brings many extremely interesting features to the players. The first feature that appeals to players is an extremely diverse and attractive system of objects. With over 500 amazing objects to combine, the game offers players exciting moments discovering new objects and new creatures. Each object is merged to create vibrant and beautiful brush strokes. Besides, the game also offers the players the task system with more than 81 different challenges. It can be said that the game is more than enough to satisfy the passion to explore and find the mystery of demanding gamers. Not only that, but the system of creatures in the game is very diverse and extremely rich. You will encounter mythical creatures such as fairies, unicorns, minotaurs, ... and some hybrid creatures such as butterphants (a combination of the beautiful wings of butterflies and the large body of elephants), peacocks (the colorful patterns of peacocks combined with the gentle and alluring beauty the cat) bump. , ... On an adventure trip to the magical world, the player can not only find new creatures, unleash the curse of dark lands, but also face the greatest danger - the evil witch. In order to be able to fight against their dark magic, you should collect as many powerful items as possible. Be careful not to be redundant, so prepare for your specific strategies in the never-ending journey of Merge Magic.

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